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Climate change

Bosses’ press isn’t free

08 September 2020
When Extinction Rebellion (XR) blockaded the entrances of two printing plants last week, it might not have anticipated the vitriolic response. 

Extinction Rebellion takes on the right wing media barons

08 September 2020
Extinction Rebellion (XR) protests—which began in London, Manchester and Cardiff last Tuesday—have drawn thousands of people worried about the climate crisis onto the streets.

Rebelling against the system

07 September 2020
As Extinction Rebellion takes to the streets of London, Manchester and Cardiff, Sarah Bates looks at the movement demanding urgent action on climate change

Extinction Rebellion continue to fight for the climate

05 September 2020
Climate rebels have turned their fire on the billionaire-owned press, racist Home Office and cash-guzzling HS2 developers in their latest protests.

Climate activists stage second day of rebellion

02 September 2020
Climate crisis activists across Britain took to the streets on Wednesday, as part of the second day of protests of the latest Rebellion.

Extinction Rebellion back on the streets

01 September 2020
Extinction Rebellion kicked off ten days of protests with defiant action in London, Cardiff and Manchester

Extinction Rebellion stage protests for the climate

30 August 2020
Climate change protesters with Extinction Rebellion (XR) are staging protests in towns and cities across Britain over the weekend, ahead of a new International Rebellion.

Extinction Rebellion plans protests despite police intimidation

27 August 2020
The police are trying to intimidate Extinction Rebellion (XR) activists away from protests.

Rebel for the climate in Manchester, Cardiff and London

24 August 2020
Extinction Rebellion (XR) was set to launch the latest phase of its global rebellion on Tuesday of next week

California wildfires show need for climate action

21 August 2020
Wildfires have caused devastation across northern California with a state of emergency declared across the US state.

Heatwaves show need for action on climate

11 August 2020
People are paying with their lives as extreme weather hits across the world, reports Sarah Bates

A weekend of protests— from treetops to river rigs

28 July 2020
A weekend of action against climate catastrophe saw activists clamber up trees, board drilling rigs and occupy roads in London and the surrounding area.

Tories’ pitiful ‘green’ plan is completely inadequate

25 July 2020
The government’s latest ‘green’ economic recovery plan is a cover for policies that benefit polluting big businesses writes Nick Clark

Boris year zero—a year of lies, cuts, corruption,  racism and ‘getting it done’

21 July 2020
There were those who thought a year of Boris Johnson as prime minister would spell disaster. 

Letters—New law in Philippines spells danger for all political activists

20 July 2020
Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte finally passed the dangerous new anti-terror bill into law this month.

Virus, slump and racism show up system failure

07 July 2020
The Polish‑German revolutionary Rosa Luxemburg warned that capitalism gives us a choice between “socialism or barbarism”. We need to choose—and fight for—socialism. 

XR rebels plan for a hot autumn of blockades and resistance

07 July 2020
Environmental campaign Extinction Rebellion (XR), has announced plans for the next major phase of direct action beginning on 1 September. 

Meting out misery - coronavirus outbreaks and the meat industry

30 June 2020
As coronavirus spreads through slaughterhouses in the US and Europe, Simon Basketter looks at how the drive for profit is to blame

Tories ignore warnings to take action to stop climate chaos

25 June 2020
The government is being urged to use a “once in a lifetime opportunity” to stop catastrophic climate change, says a new report

Activists stage rebel trail to rail against HS2 ‘gravy train’

23 June 2020
Environmental ­campaigners began a “Rebel Trail” from Birmingham last weekend along the route of the planned HS2 high-speed railway. 

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