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Climate change

Thousands of students strike across Britain to demand action on climate change

15 February 2019
From Glasgow to Exeter thousands of students walked out of school for climate justice. 

‘Why we’re walking out of school to save our world’

12 February 2019
Walkouts were set to hit schools across Britain this Friday as students strike for climate justice.

Scrap capitalism to save the planet

12 February 2019
Two reports this week spelled out the scale of the threat posed by climate change. They follow decades of similar warnings.

School strike for climate grows

05 February 2019
Support is growing for a planned school student walkout to demand action over climate change.

LETTERS - Keep pressure on councils for a ‘climate emergency’

05 February 2019
There’s a growing movement to demand political leaders take serious action on climate change.

International round-up—climate strikes, Bolsonaro corruption and Sudan revolt

22 January 2019
More than 10,000 Belgian school students struck last week to demand urgent action on climate change.

UN conference deal will not halt climate catastrophe

16 December 2018
The official pronouncements are wholly inadequate, but pressure is mounting for politicians to act on climate change.

Climate change demonstration demands urgent action for a better society

01 December 2018
Up to 2,000 people marched through central London to demand action on climate change.

As anger at climate change boils over - how can we save the planet?

27 November 2018
A renewed wave of rebellion is taking place worldwide to take on the threat of catastrophic climate change

How we can fight for a carbon-free society

20 November 2018
A carbon free economy will mean a fundamental reorganisation of society

Extinction Rebellion shuts down five London bridges

17 November 2018
Thousands of climate change activists blocked five central London bridges for hours on Saturday, leading to arrests and causing chaos for the cops.

Frackers all shaken up as tremors pause work

30 October 2018
Bosses’ claims that fracking is safe have been rumbled by activists and small earthquakes, says Sarah Bates

LETTERS—We organised to stop the far right at Warwick University

16 October 2018
The threat of a large anti-fascist demonstration forced Warwick University to postpone a talk by Islamophobe Anne Marie Waters last Tuesday.

We need system change to save the planet

09 October 2018
If the disaster that climate scientists warned of this week is to be avoided, there needs to be radical action.

Stark warning issued over a global rise in temperature

09 October 2018
A new report warns against further global temperature rises. Implementing it will mean challenging the logic of capitalism, argues Sarah Bates

Councils inject £9 billion into fracking companies

07 September 2018
A new report has uncovered how council bosses are investing workers’ money into dirty drilling. Sarah Bates looks at who’s funding the fossil fuel giants

Capital cooks our planet

07 August 2018
An international group of scientists has said we face environmental collapse in just a few decades if there isn’t drastic action on climate change.

Bus workers boiling in cabs

31 July 2018
The recent hot weather in Britain has left bus workers feeling “drowsy” and “faint”

British heatwave is one example of a world in deep climate crisis

31 July 2018
It’s welcome that the consequences of climate change have eventually been recognised. But it’s an insult that it takes a British heatwave for that to happen

Ready for fraction - the Tory love-in with frackers and the resistance

29 July 2018
On the last day of parliament before their summer holidays, the government snuck out final approval for fracking to go ahead in Lancashire. Activists tell Sarah Bates they are determined to keep resisting

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