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Climate change

Dump the system to save the planet

18 February 2014
Politicians say “we” must change our ways to save the planet—but Sadie Robinson argues waste is built into capitalism

Human and animal sewage contaminate flood water

18 February 2014
Flood waters bring contamination from overflowing sewers and drains.

Ministers try to avoid deluge of blame

18 February 2014
Tory ministers and top civil servants have played a dizzying blame game in recent weeks. 

Private energy firms profits as lights go out

18 February 2014
Hundreds of people went without power for five days or more following storms in Wales last week.

Flood defence cuts could put nuclear sites at risk

18 February 2014
Flood defence projects around nuclear sites were among those that didn’t go ahead because of funding cuts.

Firefighters providing essential flood support face cuts

18 February 2014
Firefighters have been rescuing those trapped by the floods across Britain.

Tory floods soundbite rebounds on Cameron

18 February 2014
The prime minister has retracted his ‘Money no object’ for flood victims promise, writes Dave Sewell

Widespread chaos after floods sweep Britain

11 February 2014
Floods and storms swept over wide areas of southern England, Wales and the Midlands last week.

Take on the system to stop climate chaos

11 February 2014
 Now that parts of their beloved Eton College are under flood water, you might expect even the Tories to get serious about climate change. 

Tories laid the ground for Britain's flood crisis

11 February 2014
Services cut by politicians would have protected tens of thousands of people, writes Dave Sewell

Locals and trade unionists join forces against fracking Barton Moss

28 January 2014
IGas is looking for gas near Salford—but opposition is growing, writes Katherine Jacobs

Hundreds meet in Llanelli to oppose coal gas plan

28 January 2014
Over 300 people poured into a meeting in Burry Port, Llanelli, to voice their anger and concern about plans for underground coal gasification (UCG) in the Loughor Estuary.

Climate reporting - It’s the end of the world as we know it, but TV feels fine

21 January 2014
With freezing weather confining millions of Americans to their homes for days on end recently, you’d think their TV news would want to discuss climate change. But you’d be wrong.

Protest in Salford as Cameron goes "all out" for fracking

14 January 2014
David Cameron has announced a bribe worth up to £1.7 million a year in business rates to councils that allow fracking for shale gas.

A chilling thought

07 January 2014
The weather has always been difficult to predict. But the past week has been particularly dramatic.

Mass walkout at UN climate talks in Warsaw

26 November 2013
Around 800 people walked out of the United Nations climate change talks in Warsaw, Poland, on Thursday of last week.

After typhoon Haiyan - capitalism and the climate

19 November 2013
As the latest United Nations climate conference takes place Martin Empson examines why governments are so feeble in their efforts to challenge global warming

Filipinos fight to survive in aftermath of typhoon Haiyan

19 November 2013
People in the Philippines are still struggling to survive a week after typhoon Haiyan hit.

Philippines typhoon shows the price of poverty

12 November 2013
Rescue workers were fighting to get to outlying regions of the Philippines hit by typhoon Haiyan as Socialist Worker went to press. In the worst-hit city of Tacloban more than 10,000 people are thought to have died.

We don't need nuclear power

29 October 2013
We are told that Britain faces an energy crisis unless we build new nuclear power plants. Energy researcher Gerry Wolff told Socialist Worker that the crisis is fake—we don’t need nuclear

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