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Reports round-up

09 June 2015
National student protests called | Climate campaign plans for Paris | Protest against Kensington and Chelsea council cuts | Barnsley marches against austerity | Meeting against racists in Sheffield | Probation officers set for walkout

Protests call for for climate action

12 May 2015
Around 50 campaigners held a silent protest inside Heathrow airport’s Terminal 5 on Sunday of last week. 

This Changes Everything conference calls for radical action to save the planet

31 March 2015
Up to 1,000 mostly young people met in central London last Saturday to discuss radical social change in response to climate change.

How we can change everything

24 March 2015
As activists gather for the This Changes Everything event in London, Martin Empson looks at why workers are the key link in changing the world and saving the planet

Vanuatu hit by ‘monster’ storm

17 March 2015
Cyclone Pam devastated the Pacific island nation of Vanuatu last week.

Protesters hit out at climate chaos

10 March 2015
More than 20,000 people marched through central London last Saturday demanding urgent action to tackle climate change.

Thousands take to the streets of London to demand action on climate change

07 March 2015
More than 20,000 marched through central London today, Saturday, demanding urgent action to tackle climate change. The Time to Act demonstration was called to put climate change at the top of the agenda ahead of the general election in May and the international talks in Paris in December.

Our rulers won't combat climate change - we have to rise up to save the planet

03 March 2015
Protesters marching in London this Saturday will say it is time to act on climate change. They are right.

Fossil fuel firms paid climate change denier Wei-Hock Soon

24 February 2015
A prominent climate change denier was exposed last week as having received around £800,000 from the fossil fuel industry.

Time to act and put planet before profit

17 February 2015
New research underlines the risk of climate disaster unless there is radical change—adding extra urgency to next month’s Time To Act protest.

Climate campaigners slam cops for putting price on protest

10 February 2015
Cops in London are demanding climate change protesters fork out thousands of pounds for private security on a march next month.

World leaders take us closer to climate disaster in Lima

16 December 2014
World leaders met for United Nations (UN) talks in Lima, Peru, last week—and took us closer to climate disaster.

Profit drive makes low oil prices a problem

16 December 2014
Oil prices have dropped by almost 50 percent this year to $60 a barrel.

World leaders trade hot air as a new economic crisis looms

18 November 2014
World leaders shook hands a lot last week, with the G20 summit in Brisbane, Australia, and the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (Apec) conference in Beijing, China.

This Changes Everything: Workers have the power to stop climate change

11 November 2014
Martin Empson reviews Naomi Klein’s book, and argues that only getting rid of capitalism can stop climate change

Scientists issue urgent warning over climate change

04 November 2014
A United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report last Sunday warned of “severe, pervasive and irreversible” effects of global warming.

No to nuclear nonsense

04 November 2014
Leaked photos have revealed a decaying nuclear waste dump at Sellafield in Cumbria.

Global protests against climate change see massive mobilisations

23 September 2014
Hundreds of thousands of people marched for action against climate change last Sunday in a global day of protest that wildly exceeded organisers’ expectations.

50,000 march in London on day of global protests to tackle climate change

21 September 2014
Tens of thousands of people marched across Britain today, Sunday, as part of a global day of protests against climate change.

Worldwide protests set to meet climate summit

16 September 2014
Worldwide protests against climate change were set to take place this Sunday two days before a summit in the United Nations (UN) headquarters in New York.

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