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Climate change

Build resistance after Tory climate cop outs

04 February 2020
Boris Johnson has unveiled the Tories’ “strategy” in hosting the United Nations (UN) Cop 26 climate talks in November.

Building movements to defend the planet from the climate catastrophe

04 February 2020
It’s not just the planet that’s hotting up—action to defend it is also ramping up a gear.

Crisis after floods and landslides in Brazil

28 January 2020
Over 50 people have been killed and tens of thousands displaced from their homes after floods and landslides hit Brazil. The country has recorded its heaviest rainfall in 110 years.

Tories’ assembly of inaction on climate change

28 January 2020
Around 150 people have begun the process of kick-starting Britain’s first “climate assembly”.

Billionaires gather at Davos - the rich gloat as planet burns

21 January 2020
“Without treating this as a real crisis we cannot solve it,” was the rallying cry from school climate strike leader Greta Thunberg to world leaders this week.

An owl of rage at high speed rail line

21 January 2020
Rebels took to Colne Valley, west London last Saturday in a day of direct action against the development of the high-speed HS2 train line.

Rising heat should raise alarm for catastrophe

21 January 2020
Temperatures are smashing records, but climate rebels in Scotland are taking on those responsible, reports Sarah Bates

Scottish climate activists protest against system rigged for oil companies

17 January 2020
Climate rebels in Aberdeen positioned themselves on oil firm Shell’s doorstep on Thursday to “point the finger at people who are responsible” for climate catastrophe.

LETTERS - George Monbiot’s lab food plan gives power to bosses

13 January 2020
What if, instead of producing our food from animals and plants, we could grow it all in a lab?

How the rich and powerful let Australia burn

12 January 2020
The Australian wildfires show the terrifying reality of catastrophic climate change

‘The poor suffer the most’—Jakarta resident speaks out on floods

08 January 2020
As the flood waters recede—at least for now—in Jakarta, Indonesia, residents are left trying to piece their lives back together

Capitalism causes war and climate crises

07 January 2020
Wildfires, floods and the threat of war ushered in 2020

Don’t buy Chris Packham’s myth of overpopulation

07 January 2020
A BBC TV programme says ‘overpopulation’ causes climate change. Gabby Thorpe debunks this dangerous racist idea

Climate catastrophe is spreading fire and floods

07 January 2020
The climate catastrophe wreaked havoc across the world this week

‘Hell on earth’ as fires sweep Australia

03 January 2020
The bushfires that don't go out are raising a horrifying vision of a country that could be made uninhabitable by climate chaos

Climate talks crash as world leaders fail to set new targets

16 December 2019
The United Nations’ Cop 25 conference said it would focus on stopping climate change. Instead it showed world leaders are unable to protect the planet, says Sarah Bates

Capitalism and climate—the system’s recipe for disaster

15 December 2019
Climate change is creating extreme weather events that put food production at risk. To deal with it we have to challenge and transform a food system that is run for profit, writes Sarah Bates

A warning from Sydney

10 December 2019
Sydney was choking in smoke as Socialist Worker went to press on Tuesday.

Wave of protests in Madrid to pile pressure on climate talks

10 December 2019
The streets of Madrid were filled with defiant scenes last week as thousands of climate campaigners protested outside United Nations (UN) climate talks.

Strikes and protests show how to build the resistance

03 December 2019
Three things in the past week have offered some inspiration and excitement away from the election grind

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