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Saudi Arabia

Saudi king says women can have the vote—just not quite yet

27 September 2011
The king of Saudi Arabia has announced that women citizens will finally be given the right to vote in municipal elections.

Women in Saudi Arabia find a vehicle for freedom

21 June 2011
A campaign in Saudi Arabia to break the ban on women drivers began on Friday of last week.

Yemen’s dictator runs from revolt

07 June 2011
Huge crowds celebrated on the streets of Yemen last Sunday after president Ali Abdullah Saleh fled to Saudi Arabia—saying he needed medical treatment.

Exclusive: Bahrainian government targets family members of pro-democracy campaigners in Britain

26 March 2011
At 2.20 yesterday morning, Bahraini and Saudi forces raided 20-year old Sayed Mahmood Shuber’s home in Jidali in Bahrain. They pointed guns at the heads of his family and abducted him. They beat him. He has now disappeared.

Bahrain: protesters fightback against Saudi troops

15 March 2011
Some 1,000 Peninsula Shield Force soldiers entered Bahrain from Saudi Arabia on Monday.

Fear grips Saudi Arabia's royal rulers

12 March 2011
The Saudi royal family has been struck by the fear that what once seemed unthinkable now looks possible.

Thousands of workers strike in Saudi Arabia

24 February 2011
‘I went to my workplace on Thursday of last week, and I found out that there were over 3,000 workers demanding their rights before they called a general strike in the construction site in Saudi Binladin Group. The workers were very angry. Their workplace is one of the largest construction projects in the country, which is worth SR.100 billion.

Brutality made in the USA

01 February 2011
One US-backed dictator has fled to a safe haven in Saudi Arabia and an even more ruthless one will probably join him any day now.

How New Labour stopped investigations into BAE

09 February 2010
Tony Blair cancelled an investigation into BAE providing £600 million in bribes for Saudi Arabia.

Conflict in Yemen was caused by imperialism

15 December 2009
A vicious little war has broken out in the Middle East, along Saudi Arabia’s border with Yemen. It is rooted in a struggle for control over the strategically vital Arab country.

BAE Systems and the Saudi arms deal: weapons, corruption and the British state

12 June 2007
Defence companies such as BAE Systems are strategically important to the British state, but the exact nature of the relationship has changed over the last two decades as the domestic arms industry has been opened up to international competition.

Defend workers’ rights in Saudi Arabia

03 September 2005
Saudi trade unionist Yahya Al Faifi, now in Swansea, is stepping up his campaign for union rights in Saudi Arabia following a dismissive letter from Pontypridd MP Kim Howells, the government minister responsible for Saudi Arabia. 

Saudi Arabia — a house built on sand

13 August 2005
The House of Saud’s long career in the service of imperialism began in 1913, when King Abd al Aziz, the ruler of the Najd area of the Arabian peninsula, came seeking a British subsidy for his kingdom. His first request was unsuccessful, despite winning the backing of the British government’s India office.

Who says?

06 August 2005
"The Palestinians are the pikeys of the Middle East. If they must have a homeland give them part of Saudi Arabia, because the Egyptians, the Syrians, the Jordanians and the Lebanese don’t want them either." Richard Littlejohn, writing in the Sun

Saudi trade unionist targets BAE Systems

18 June 2005
A leading Saudi trade unionist is seeking asylum in Britain after facing persecution for organising workers at a British arms company in Saudi Arabia.

State clampdown on the ‘Saudi Spring’

18 December 2004
A few days before last week’s attack by armed militants on the US consulate in the port city of Jeddah, a scuffle was taking place outside a courthouse in the capital, Riyadh. 

Turmoil is another blow to US hawks

05 June 2004
THE SEIZURE and killing of foreign employees in Saudi Arabia last weekend has underlined the depth of the crisis the US faces across the Middle East. Shockwaves spread through the world's oil markets in the wake of the attack. Saudi Arabia is the world's largest oil exporter and the only country currently with the capacity to boost output to drive down prices.

Economic casualties as oil grab misfires

05 June 2004
BUSH AND Blair's occupation of Iraq is threatening economic chaos as oil prices spiral. Now the siege in Saudi Arabia has triggered a new leap in prices. The impact on the world's poorest could be catastrophic.

It could end in a sticky mess

22 May 2004
\"TONY BLAIR is swept away in October. George W Bush loses in November. President John Kerry and Prime Minister Gordon Brown rush to pull US and British troops out of an Iraq descending into civil war. The Saudi monarchy falls before the triumphant march of Islamist extremism. The oil price breaks through $60 a barrel and the world economy heads for stagflation. America's growing isolation in the world makes way for the return of American isolationism, globalisation for global protectionism.\"

Gaza, Afghanistan, Iraq... The bitter fruits

24 May 2003
THE devastating bomb attacks in Saudi Arabia and Morocco shattered 75 lives, and with them the great lie at the heart of George Bush's "war on terror". We were told the wars against Afghanistan and Iraq would "make the world a safer place". The US government, and Blair, have all but abandoned the pretence that invading Iraq was about weapons of mass destruction. Instead, Bush says Saddam Hussein was a key player in the 11 September 2001 attacks.

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