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Sierra Leone

Sierre Leone mudslide death toll is no ‘natural’ disaster

Landslides and flooding killed hundreds of people in the West African state of Sierra Leone on Monday.

Delayed aid and postponed research - the West and Ebola

Delayed aid and postponed research - the West and Ebola As the relentless spread of Ebola continues in west Africa it is clear that the response of the West is counterproductive. 

West Africa's Ebola crisis is a symptom of capitalism

West Africas Ebola crisis is a symptom of capitalism The Ebola outbreak in west Africa has cost thousands of lives. Ken Olende looks at how inequality and the legacy of colonialism lie behind the crisis. Marcia, an aid worker in Sierra Leone, writes exclusively from the front line

Journalist wins right to remain in Britain

A journalist and human rights activist from Sierra Leone has won his fight against deportation after a hunger strike.

Hunger strike activist wins reprieve

The UK Border Agency (UKBA) has agreed to look again at the case of journalist James Fallah-Williams who is fighting deportation to Sierra Leone.

A short history of Liberia

1821 US Colonisation Society buys part of Sierra Leone in West Africa and US provides firepower to set up a colony—Liberia. It resettled around 20,000 US slaves who had won their freedom.

Fight for change in Sierra Leone

31 March 2007
The commemoration of the end of the slave trade in the British Empire should bring to mind the fate of Sierra Leone.

'Good war’ in Sierra Leone has left deadly legacy

29 January 2005
"Same car, different driver" is a phrase you can hear on the streets of the West African country of Sierra Leone every day. It sums up our bitter feelings about the government which has ruled since civil war began in 1991.

They slashed this refugee's throat

16 August 2003
THE PHOTOGRAPH on this page is of 16 year old Alhassan Kamara. He is an asylum seeker from war-torn Sierra Leone, West Africa. He did not want his full face photographed for fear of being singled out in the future. Known by his friends and family as "Alaska", this young man escaped a brutal civil war.

Bloody British rule was toppled

22 June 2002
IN 1897, 46,000 plumed and scrubbed troops marched through London to mark Queen Victoria's diamond jubilee. They were drawn from an empire that included over a quarter of the world's people. There was a camel corps from India, the Dyak police from Borneo, Muslim zaptiehs in their red fezzes, soldiers from Fiji, Egypt, Sierra Leone, Zanzibar and many more.

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