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Global warming: why rich won’t turn off the heat

17 February 2007
From being a fringe issue climate change has apparently become completely mainstream. News bulletins are incomplete without a report on some new sign of global warming.

50,000 join London march against global warming

11 November 2006
Last Saturday saw Britain’s biggest ever march and rally against climate change. Around 50,000 people took to the streets of central London.

George Monbiot: 'People’s power can save planet'

04 November 2006
‘There is an extraordinary awakening taking place on the issue of climate change. What some of us have been campaigning about for 20 years has suddenly begun to materialise.

Climate change: The Stern report sees the dangers, but not the solutions

04 November 2006
The Stern report, which was published this week, is a significant report into the economic effects of climate change. It acknowledges that climate change is happening and calls for immediate action.

A programme to tackle the threat to the planet

04 November 2006
There is now near consensus among climate scientists that, without substantial reductions in emissions of gases that contribute to global warming, the future of the human race is threatened.

Campaign against climate change: remember 4 November

28 October 2006
Saturday 4 November is the global day of action against climate change.

600 join the debate on climate change

14 October 2006
The Campaign Against Climate Change packed out Conway Hall in London for a public meeting last week. Among a panel of varied speakers was George Monbiot, there to launch his new book Heat - How to Stop the Planet Burning.

An Inconvenient Truth: a warning to the world about climate change

23 September 2006
An Inconvenient Truth, the new documentary based on the multi-media lecture about global warming given by former US vice president Al Gore, had its mainstream release in Britain last week. The previous day Nasa revealed that the Antarctic ice is melting 14 times faster than expected.

The Day After Tomorrow: what if this film is not fiction?

05 June 2004
Abrupt climate change has been a growing topic of concern for climate scientists. They fear that global warming could shut down the "ocean conveyor" that warms the North Atlantic, plunging Europe and parts of North America into Siberia-like conditions within a few decades or even years.

Interview with French anti-capitalist Jose Bove: 'Globalise hope for a future'

16 June 2001
Jose Bove is one of the best known figures of the anti-globalisation movement which has spread across the globe since the great protest against the World Trade Organisation in Seattle in November 1999. He is in Britain this week, along with Francois Dufour, a fellow leader of the radical French small farmers' organisation. They are speaking at meetings to push a message of resistance to the corporations and governments which do their bidding: 'The world is not for sale!'

North Pole melts as world hots up

26 August 2000
Unfrozen water has appeared at the North Pole for the first time for more than 50 million years. The mile wide stretch of open water is a clear sign that global warming is happening.

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