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What's really behind 'Climate-gate'?

16 February 2010
Scientists studying climate change are taking quite a battering.

Carbon report slams trading

09 February 2010
The government’s favoured method for "reducing" carbon emissions is failing.

Right wing lies are snow joke

12 January 2010
Sections of the right wing media have gone on the offensive – over snow.

Copenhagen: repression but no climate progress

05 January 2010
The UN’s climate talks in Copenhagen last month were a bitter disappointment for millions of people around the world who are concerned about the future of the planet.

Copenhagen deal exposes the real climate culprits

05 January 2010
The United Nations climate change conference in Copenhagen last month proved to be a historic watershed. This isn’t because of what it achieved.

Climate protests defy the police in Copenhagen

17 December 2009
The demonstration "Reclaim Power" in Copenhagen on Wednesday of this week attracted several thousand Danish and international protesters.

Why there’s no such thing as ‘clean coal’

15 December 2009
Coal is the dirtiest fossil fuel there is. Burning coal to generate energy is responsible for around 40 percent of global carbon dioxide emissions and is the single biggest contributor to man-made carbon emissions.

‘Flood’ of protest hits Copenhagen

15 December 2009
More than 100,000 protesters gathered in the Danish capital of Copenhagen last Saturday to demand that world leaders take serious action on climate change.

Climate summit has no solutions

15 December 2009
The outcome of the UN climate talks at Copenhagen will be rises in carbon dioxide emissions. The draft texts provide a variety of ways for countries and companies to keep polluting.

Pictures of Copenhagen demonstrations against climate change

15 December 2009

Copenhagen: the secret plan to hit the poor and burn the planet

08 December 2009
United Nations climate talks finally began in Copenhagen this week, after months of speculation and infighting among those at the top.

Massive climate ‘Wave’ protest turns up the heat on the government

08 December 2009
A blue sea of protesters flowed through central London last Saturday as Britain’s biggest ever climate protest hit the city.

Photos of climate demos, 5 December 2009

08 December 2009

Climate change: don’t get blinded by science

08 December 2009
What is climate change?

Britain's biggest ever climate protest hits London

05 December 2009
A blue sea of protesters flowed through central London today calling on Gordon Brown to take serious action to cut carbon emissions and stop climate change.

World leaders won't stop climate change: People power can save the planet

01 December 2009
We’ve needed action on climate change for ages, but all the politicians want to do is talk about it. There are too many people making money out of polluting the world—and politicians don’t want to stand up to them.

Is global warming all your fault?

01 December 2009
Small changes in individual lifestyles are promoted as the best we can achieve.

Can we change the world enough to save the planet?

01 December 2009
Capitalism is causing climate chaos. It is a system based on blind competition between companies, each trying to make the most money. They see the natural world as something to be exploited for short term gain – a seemingly endless mine of resources and an infinitely large rubbish bin for waste.

We don't have to abandon industrial progress to beat climate change

01 December 2009
Massive corporations are wrecking the planet, burning huge amounts of fossil fuels and causing climate change as they disregard everything in a frenzied race for profits.

Trading the planet's future on credits and carbon offsetting

01 December 2009
Many claim that carbon trading is an effective mechanism for reducing emissions. It has failed spectacularly – yet lots of governments remain committed to it.

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