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The Age of Stupid

27 October 2009
The film imaginatively exposing the threat of catastrophic climate change is now available on DVD, including hours of extra interviews with climate experts and activists including George Monbiot.

Police attack climate swoop at Ratcliffe on Soar

20 October 2009
Over 1,000 climate change protesters gathered at Ratcliffe on Soar power station in Nottinghamshire last Saturday to protest against the continuing use of coal power stations.

Take climate fight to Copenhagen

13 October 2009
Jørn Andersen is from the Climate Movement in Denmark – known as Klimabevægelsen. He is also part of the coordination group of the 12 December Initiative – a broad coalition of organisations preparing for the demonstration at the United Nations (UN) climate summit in Copenhagen on 12 December.

Building the London climate demo

13 October 2009
Tens of thousands of people are set to descend on London on 5 December to demand that the government takes serious action to combat climate change.

How to create one million green jobs

13 October 2009
The Campaign Against Climate Change trade union group has produced a pamphlet to show how the government could create one million green jobs. It is backed by major trade unions, including the RMT, CWU, PCS, TSSA and UCU.

Is there an alternative to how things are run?

15 September 2009
If we want to produce to meet people’s needs, we need planned production to replace the anarchy of the market.

Climate change: are people part of the problem?

15 September 2009
Climate change is threatening the future of the planet. Millions of people around the globe are already feeling the effects of environ­mental damage and are asking what we can do to stop it.

Are there just too many people?

15 September 2009
There is another "common sense" belief that has been at the heart of much discussion on the environment for many years – that there are simply too many people on the planet.

Support for Vestas day of action grows

08 September 2009
Trade unionists and campaigners across Britain are gearing up for the Vestas day of action on Thursday of next week.

Copenhagen climate summit: All targets, no action

08 September 2009
The countdown to the United Nations (UN) Climate Change Summit in Copenhagen has started. The December meeting will bring together environment ministers and world leaders to reach a new agreement to succeed the 1997 Kyoto climate change treaty.

Vestas workers win battle of the blades

08 September 2009
Vestas workers scored a victory in their campaign to save their jobs when they stopped the wind turbine firm from moving blades out of the factory last week.

Climate campers ask: how do we change the world?

01 September 2009
The workshops and discussion groups that were the key focus of this year’s camp saw real arguments about how to take the movement forward.

Climate Camp protesters swoop on London

01 September 2009
Hundreds of climate activists gathered in London last week to build a Camp for Climate Action on the edge of the city.

Climate Camp established at Blackheath in London

26 August 2009
Blackheath in South London is the venue for Climate Camp 2009. Activists gathered at "swoop spots" all over London today in preparation for Climate Camp 2009. They were waiting for a text message to tell them where the camp was to be sited so activists could create a coordinated action.

‘Good cops’ lies at the climate camp

25 August 2009
Climate activists were poised to swoop to a site in London on Wednesday of this week to set up a Camp for Climate Action. But another group is also ready for action – the police.

G8 fail people and planet

14 July 2009
The G8 summit of world leaders held in L’Aquila in Italy committed itself to reduce carbon emissions by 80 percent by 2050.

Why bailing out General Motors could help the environment

09 June 2009
As a climate activist I hate Exxon Mobil and General Motors (GM). But now GM has gone bankrupt and, the TV tells us, Barack Obama has stepped in to "rescue" the company.

The Age of Stupid: Changing the world to end a stupid age

24 March 2009
Capitalism is stupid, and there’s a new film that says so. The Age of Stupid is about the very real threat of catastrophic climate change, but it doesn’t stop there.

Campaign Against Climate Change Trade Union conference

10 March 2009
Some 160 delegates attended the Campaign Against Climate Change Trade Union conference on Saturday of last week.

Heathrow expansion plan is a threat to the planet

13 January 2009
Big business and trade union leaders formed an unholy alliance this week when they backed the expansion of Heathrow airport. In doing so they stand against widespread opposition from ordinary people in the area around the airport and millions more across the country.

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