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Campaign Against Climate Change Trade Union conference

10 March 2009
Some 160 delegates attended the Campaign Against Climate Change Trade Union conference on Saturday of last week.

Heathrow expansion plan is a threat to the planet

13 January 2009
Big business and trade union leaders formed an unholy alliance this week when they backed the expansion of Heathrow airport. In doing so they stand against widespread opposition from ordinary people in the area around the airport and millions more across the country.

Poznan talks offer little hope on climate change

15 December 2008
Anyone who hoped that the recent international climate treaty meeting in Poznan, Poland, would come up with a solution to climate change will be severely disappointed.

Thousands march to demand climate action

09 December 2008
Around 10,000 people marched in London last Saturday at a demonstration called by the Campaign Against Climate Change. The march was young, noisy – and prepared to take direct action.

Climate change: burning the world to keep up profits

04 November 2008
Britain’s carbon emissions, the major cause of global warming, are set to increase despite the passing of Britain’s first ever Climate Change Bill last week.

Why is there no cash to bail out the planet?

28 October 2008
Our rulers are using the global recession as an excuse to cut back on measures to tackle climate change.

We don't need coal or nuclear power stations to save planet

07 October 2008
No coal plus no nuclear equals no lights. No power. No future." This was the claim made by former business secretary John Hutton at the recent Labour Party conference.

Logic of a system based on profit is driving our world towards destruction

07 October 2008
The fact that climate change is threatening the existence of our planet is one of the strongest indictments of the capitalist system.

Climate protesters defy police at Kingsnorth power station

12 August 2008
The week-long climate camp in Kent climaxed last Saturday with mass civil disobedience at the Kingsnorth power station, in which some protesters managed to enter the station’s site.

Anger as police crack down on climate camp protesters

05 August 2008
Hundreds of police officers in riot gear launched an attack on climate protesters in Kingsnorth, Kent, on Monday of this week.

Join the march in Kent to stop the multinational companies polluting our planet

29 July 2008
Environmental activists and trade unionists will demonstrate this Sunday 3 August against the proposed building of a new coal-fired power station by private company E.on at Kingsnorth in Kent.

Biofuels to the flames

16 July 2008
Biofuels may turn out to be one of the biggest and most dangerous con tricks of the modern age. Holding out the promise of cutting greenhouse gases and dependence on fossil fuels, biofuels have instead driven up food prices, raked in profits for agribusiness and caused serious environmental damage.

Thousands protest against Heathrow expansion plan

03 June 2008
Over 3,000 people protested last Saturday against plans to expand Heathrow airport. A proposed third runway will mean 4,000 homes being demolished, including the entire village of Sipson.

Promises to limit Heathrow expansion broken and broken again

27 May 2008
Each expansion of the airport has come with a promise of no more. Each time it has been a lie.

Jonathan Neale: ‘We must change the system to stop climate change’

27 May 2008
How serious is aviation in terms of climate change? Why is New Labour so committed to expanding it?

Gordon Brown must act on environment evidence

13 May 2008
Global levels of carbon dioxide have reached an all-time high and the earth may be losing its capacity to reabsorb carbon emissions, according to new research out this week.

Heathrow Airport expansion plan is big business for Gordon Brown

06 May 2008
New Labour’s plans for a third runway and sixth terminal at Heathrow airport in west London are another example of how the government puts business before people and planet.

Stopping airport expansion

06 May 2008
‘If a third runway is built at Heathrow, my house will be directly under the flight path. It would mean a massive increase in noise and pollution.

New eco-towns will help wreck planet

19 February 2008
The government is set to announce the development of ten new "eco-towns", which it says will help fight the danger of climate chaos.

Climate change conference: fight to save the planet is a trade union issue

12 February 2008
A successful Campaign Against Climate Change trade union conference in London last Saturday attracted 300 people.

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