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Climate chaos and the global south

05 February 2008
It was announced last year that China had overtaken the US as the world’s biggest emitter of carbon dioxide. The statistics, which the Netherlands Environmental Assessment admitted there was "some uncertainty about", nevertheless reinforced the idea that economic growth in poorer countries is the real driver of climate change.

Bali: a wasted opportunity to save the planet

17 December 2007
As delegates gathered in Bali, Indonesia for the latest United Nations (UN) talks on climate change, millions of people hoped they would kick start the urgent action that the world desperately needs.

Our world left to burn

17 December 2007
World leaders had ample opportunity to make serious commitments to tackle global warming at last week’s climate change summit in Bali, Indonesia. But they failed to take that chance.

Thousands march against threat of climate change

11 December 2007
Some 10,000 people protested in London on Saturday of last week as part of a global day of action against climate change.

Marx and ecology

04 December 2007
Karl Marx’s analysis of the environment under capitalism shows how saving the planet is inextricably linked to transforming our society, writes John Bellamy Foster

Free markets won’t stop climate chaos

04 December 2007
Over the last few years there has been a massive shift in attitudes over the question of climate change.

Climate change: a global day of action to save the planet

27 November 2007
Millions of people across the globe will take part in a day of action against climate change on 8 December.

The Great Aviation Debate on climate change in Manchester

20 November 2007
Around 165 people participated in "The Great Aviation Debate" organised by Manchester Climate Forum on Thursday of last week.

Heathrow climate camp: protesters shift the agenda

21 August 2007
Around 1,400 protesters took part in demonstrations and other actions at Heathrow airport on Sunday of last week, as the culmination of the week-long Camp for Climate Action.

Heathrow climate protest defies anti-terrorism laws

14 August 2007
New Labour’s anti-terror legislation is being used this week against protesters wanting to take part in the climate camp near Heathrow airport.

Campers win solidarity from local people against BAA

14 August 2007
The climate camp is being supported by people in the local community, one of the protesters told Socialist Worker:

There are viable alternative ways to cut emissions

29 May 2007
Supplying clean energy and cutting carbon emissions are both technologically feasible and economically possible.

Campaign against Climate Change conference: ‘Just eight years to save the planet’

15 May 2007
"We have to tell Gordon Brown we are watching – it’s time to act," author Mark Lynas told the opening session of the Campaign against Climate Change conference last weekend.

Social change can stop climate catastrophe

10 April 2007
The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report released last week makes for stark reading. It examines the consequences of climate change for people and the ecosystems we live in.

Government carbon bill does not go far enough

24 March 2007
Gordon Brown is in competition with David Cameron as to which party takes global warming more seriously.

Mark Lynas: ‘It’s up to us, not the government’

24 March 2007
‘If you take a step back and look at how the political landscape has changed over the past couple of years you can see how much has been achieved. Climate change was barely mentioned during the last general election. Now it seems to be top of many people’s priority lists.

Global warming: why rich won’t turn off the heat

17 February 2007
From being a fringe issue climate change has apparently become completely mainstream. News bulletins are incomplete without a report on some new sign of global warming.

50,000 join London march against global warming

11 November 2006
Last Saturday saw Britain’s biggest ever march and rally against climate change. Around 50,000 people took to the streets of central London.

Climate change: The Stern report sees the dangers, but not the solutions

04 November 2006
The Stern report, which was published this week, is a significant report into the economic effects of climate change. It acknowledges that climate change is happening and calls for immediate action.

A programme to tackle the threat to the planet

04 November 2006
There is now near consensus among climate scientists that, without substantial reductions in emissions of gases that contribute to global warming, the future of the human race is threatened.

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