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Mogadishu bomb exposes the brutal legacy of US imperialism in Somalia

Mogadishu bomb exposes the brutal legacy of US imperialism in Somalia A truck bomb in Mogadishu in Somalia last Saturday killed at least 320 people and injured hundreds more.

How war created famine

How war created famine Famine is part of a system where access to food can be a weapon and millions can die for the profits and power of the ruling class

Famine and crisis fuelled by the West

Famine and crisis fuelled by the West The world faces the largest humanitarian crisis since the end of the Second World War.

After Aleppo, Mosul is the next city to be razed by imperialism

After Aleppo, Mosul is the next city to be razed by imperialism The United States and Russia backed brutal assaults on major cities this week. Both are designed to boost their control in a strategically and economically crucial part of the world—regardless of the cost in civilian lives.

City of Thorns—the forgotten refugee camp where lives are left in limbo

City of Thorns—the forgotten refugee camp where lives are left in limbo New book City of Thorns uses interviews to build a powerful picture of the lives of refugees in the world’s largest camp in Kenya, writes?Ken Olende

A play that opens up debate as the witch hunters shut it

Hassan Mahamdallie spoke to Saba Shiraz about his play, The Crows Plucked Your Sinews, on Somali history and the war on terror

Kenya bombs Somalia after university assault kills 148

07 April 2015
Kenya’s regular air attacks on Somalia and Al Shabaab's frequent terror attacks are part of an ongoing conflict, explains Ken Olende

The roots of Al Shabaab

07 April 2015
The killing of 148 students at Kenya’s Garissa University College by Somali Islamist insurgents Al Shabaab marks the latest episode of bloodletting in a cycle of violence into which the region has been locked for some time.

Somalis held in custody in Kenya

15 April 2014
Around 4,000 Somalis were rounded up in Kenya last week and held in a football stadium for processing.

What they don't tell you about the ‘Burqa bunker’: Mohammed Ahmed Mohamed was rendered and tortured by Britain

19 November 2013
When Mohammed Ahmed Mohamed sliced off the electronic tag, donned a burqa and slipped away from a London mosque it created headlines.

Captain Phillips - a Somali piracy yarn that tries to salve the US’s conscience

22 October 2013
Captain Phillips, a tale of kidnapping on the high seas, promotes its empathy for desperate Somalis—but Dave Sewell says it turns the real villains into heroes

Raid in Somalia goes awry for US Navy special forces

08 October 2013
US special forces failed to capture a leader of the Islamist group Al Shabaab in the Somali town of Barawe last weekend

Nairobi shopping mall horror is the high price of war

24 September 2013
The roots of the violence in Kenya lie in years of intervention in Somalia, says Ken Olende

Kenya bombs famine victims

01 November 2011
A Kenyan air strike killed five people, including children, in Jibil food distribution camp in southern Somalia last Sunday, according to Médecins san Frontières.

Poverty and Western intervention lies behind piracy

03 November 2009
A Somali pirate rang the BBC last week demanding a ransom for a British couple who have been kidnapped from their yacht. He said, "We only need a little amount of $7 million."

War intensifies in Somalia

22 September 2009
A US airstrike on a suspected Al Qaida leader, Saleh Nabhan, in Somalia has triggered a new round of fighting in the east African state.

Somalia: the pirates are in Washington

14 April 2009
The US has confronted Somalia, once again, with its guns blazing. This time special forces killed a group of Somali pirates who were holding captive a US ship’s captain.

A major defeat for US in Somalia

02 December 2008
The US has suffered a bloody defeat in the "third front in the war on terror" after Ethiopia announced it will be ending its occupation of Somalia at the end of the year.

Toxic scandal in Somalia gave birth to new piracy

25 November 2008
When the Asian tsunami of Christmas 2005 washed ashore on the east coast of Africa, it uncovered a great scandal.

The US and Britain: a strained ‘special’ relationship

21 October 2008
It will come as no surprise to know that British troops helped the US to train the Georgian army. Or that Britain is providing assistance to the US-Ethiopian puppet regime in Somalia, a regime notorious for torture and massacre.

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