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South Africa

Tories’ hot air on climate

28 November 2011
The latest UN climate change conference began in Durban, South Africa, on Monday of this week. But the Tories don’t seem too concerned.

Rulers’ plans will let planet burn

22 November 2011
There will be mass demonstrations outside the United Nations (UN) climate summit in Durban, South Africa, next month.

Dave Randall interviewed about 'Freedom for Palestine' single

14 June 2011
Freedom for Palestine is performed by a specially assembled group, One World. It features Maxi Jazz from Faithless, Jamie Cato, FSK and the Durban Gospel Choir from South Africa.

Car workers bring industry to a halt in South Africa

14 September 2010
A strike by some 70,000 South African car component workers has brought car manufacturing plants in South Africa to a standstill. The firms hit include Nissan, Toyota, Ford, Volkswagen, BMW, General Motors and Mercedes Benz.

South Africa: action suspended, but it’s not over yet

07 September 2010
A strike by over a million South African public sector workers that had lasted three weeks was suspended by union leaders on Monday.

Mass strike continues in South Africa as workers reject new offer

02 September 2010
The overwhelming majority of South Africa’s 1.3 million public sector workers have rejected the government’s latest pay offer as their strike enters its 15th day.

Millions join strikes in South Africa—this is how to beat the bosses

31 August 2010
Two million South African workers were set to stage a general strike on Thursday of this week, in support of 1.3 million public sector workers who have been striking for more than a fortnight.

South Africa: Fury on the streets as action spreads

31 August 2010
Open class struggle is raging in South Africa.

Private sector strikes take off in South Africa

31 August 2010
Some 50,000 workers across the South African water industry walked out on strike on Monday of this week over pay.

South Africa: The faultlines in the ANC’s alliance

31 August 2010
The African National Congress (ANC) is the party of South Africa’s national liberation movement. It has governed since the end of apartheid.

South Africa: Million-strong strike is gathering pace

27 August 2010
Tens of thousands of South African public sector workers marched throughout the country yesterday as part of an all-out strike over pay and conditions.

A million strike in South Africa

24 August 2010
The African National Con­gress (ANC) government in South Africa has used the army, police and the courts to try and break a 1.3 million strong public sector workers’ strike. The action involves teachers, civil service workers and health workers.

South African mass strike - send a solidarity message

20 August 2010
The strike by over a million South African public sector workers continues into its third day.

Indefinite strike by 1.3 million public sector workers in South Africa

18 August 2010
Public services have ground to a halt as over a million South African public sector workers, including some 245,000 teachers, walked out on indefinite strike today (Wednesday) over pay.

Final whistle not blown in South Africa

17 August 2010
After the football World Cup drew to a close, most of the world media’s attention left South Africa—Naomi Campbell and "blood diamonds" aside.

Miners executed in South Africa

13 August 2010
Up to 20 miners were executed by security guards on the East Rand in South Africa on Monday.

Barefoot Hope/Mr Mandela - Trenton and Free Radical

29 June 2010
Fronted by South African vocalist Trenton Birch, this collective of musicians from different African nations blend hip-hop, electro and global influences to create good time music perfect for summer. They also put out a political message of unity.

Workers' protests in South Africa during the World Cup

17 June 2010
Security guards and stewards fired from World Cup stadium jobs

World cup: Playing football on stolen land

08 June 2010
WHEN THE England football team play their first game at the World Cup in South Africa on Saturday, it will be on land brutally stolen from the poor.

Naturally - Letta Mbulu

04 May 2010
South African singer Letta Mbulu, was born and raised in Soweto and travelled to the US in the mid 1960s as an exile from the apartheid regime.

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