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South Africa


02 March 2010
Philip Glass’s opera is based on Mahatma Gandhi’s early life in South Africa during the Indian minority’s fight for civil rights.

South Africa’s World Cup stadium of slums

09 February 2010
When Nelson Mandela was released from prison in 1990, 50,000 people turned out to hear him speak.

‘Electrifying’ tour calls for Israel boycott

15 December 2009
Leaders from South Africa’s freedom struggle joined a key Palestinian activist for an electrifying tour of meetings last week.

South African troops protest over pay

08 September 2009
Up to 3,000 South African soldiers fought running battles with riot police across the government district of Pretoria, the country’s capital, at the end of August. They had been marching to demand a 30 percent pay rise and improved conditions.

Betrayals behind South Africa's protests

04 August 2009
The images on our TV screens of jubilant South Africans at football’s Confederations Cup in June have been quickly replaced by those of South Africans burning tyres and building barricades.

New challenges in South Africa

07 July 2009
I’ve just returned from spending a fortnight in South Africa. It was my first visit since the early 1990s. A lot has happened since then.

Forward To Freedom

30 June 2009
This small exhibition is a vivid reminder of the solidarity people in Britain showed with those resisting the injustice of apartheid South Africa.

Can South Africa’s elections bring change?

21 April 2009
Why is this election causing so much excitement in South Africa?

South Africa: Tensions grow in the ANC

23 September 2008
South Africa’s president Thabo Mbeki resigned on Sunday, to be replaced by Kgalema Motlanthe.


16 September 2008
This new play from South Africa was a hit at the Edinburgh Fringe.

General strike sweeps South Africa

12 August 2008
South Africa was brought to a standstill on Thursday of last week by a one-day general strike demanding government action over rising living costs.

South Africa: revolution delayed

24 June 2008
Nelson Mandela, jailed for 27 years for fighting the apartheid regime in South Africa, is an inspiration to millions fighting for freedom and justice around the world.

South Africans march against xenophobia

27 May 2008
Thousands of immigrants, township activists, trade unionists and others took over the streets of Johannesburg, South Africa, last Saturday, carrying placards such as "Xenophobia hurts like apartheid" and "Zimbabwe is my neighbour".

South African activists call for solidarity against attacks on migrants

20 May 2008
A series of brutal attacks on migrant workers in South Africa in the last two weeks has left dozens dead and forced thousands to flee.

Hope and despair in South Africa

20 May 2008
Alexandra township was at the forefront of South Africa’s fight against apartheid. So it is shocking that it is now at the centre of attacks on migrants. But the experience in the townships of 14 years of African National Congress (ANC) government has been the slow removal of hope.

South African activists condemn attacks on migrant workers

15 May 2008
‘It is a tragedy that such attacks are happening in poor working class communities, where the poor are fighting the poor. But there is a clear reason for this. Many in our communities are made to believe that unemployment is caused by foreigners who take jobs in the country – this is simply untrue.

Anger at betrayals fuels ANC rivalry

11 December 2007
This weekend will see the most important conference of South Africa’s ruling party, the African National Congress (ANC), since the end of the apartheid state.


17 July 2007
Strike shows the way The recent public sector workers’ strike in South Africa was very successful, although strikes are never 100 percent perfect.

South African general strike shows victory is possible

03 July 2007
The South African mass public sector workers’ strike ended last week with much improved pay rises for over a million workers.

South Africa: continuing strike action drives the political debate

26 June 2007
A public sector mass strike in South Africa continued at the start of this week despite a "final" and marginally improved offer from the government.

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