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South Africa

South Africa: continuing strike action drives the political debate

26 June 2007
A public sector mass strike in South Africa continued at the start of this week despite a "final" and marginally improved offer from the government.

Political crisis in ANC and SACP flows from South African general strike

20 June 2007
The strike by nearly one million South African public sector workers is having massive political implications. Cosatu union federation members have struck for three weeks demanding a 12 percent pay rise.

South Africa's strike movement provokes political crisis

12 June 2007
The strikes which have swept South Africa for two weeks are causing a deep political crisis – and there may be much more to come.

Biggest strikes in South Africa since the end of apartheid

05 June 2007
The biggest strike wave since the end of apartheid is causing a crisis in South African politics – and shaking a government that refuses to increase pay for millions of public sector workers.

Biggest South African strike since apartheid

01 June 2007
What an example for British workers to follow! On Friday South African public sector workers launched the biggest strike since the end of apartheid in 1994.

Fianna Fail wins Irish election | General strike rocks Nigeria | Anger in South Africa over pay

29 May 2007
Fianna Fail wins Irish election A general election in Southern Ireland last week saw the ruling Fianna Fail party hold onto power – just.

Eighteen arrested in South African platinum mine struggle

28 May 2007
The brutal nature of the struggle over land and platinum mining rights was underlined in South Africa this week.

Mining giant Anglo American faces the wrath of the poor in South Africa

17 April 2007
Phillipos Dolo travelled from South Africa to London this week to confront the giant Anglo American mining corporation at its annual general meeting.


10 April 2007
Our struggle continues Forty seven years ago, on 21 March 1960, South Africa’s police force killed 69 people and injured many peaceful protesters who were struggling against apartheid.

Catch A Fire

31 March 2007
It’s been 13 years since the fall of apartheid in South Africa, when millions were allowed to vote in a democratic election for the first time.

Nothing But The Truth

03 March 2007
The legendary South African actor and playwright John Kani is touring Britain with a new "post-apartheid" play Nothing But The Truth.

Migrants and wages

11 November 2006
Newspapers last week wanted us to panic about the 64,000 workers from eastern Europe who came to Britain last year. We are apparently supposed to be less concerned by the 68,000 people who came from Australia, Canada, New Zealand and South Africa - and we are expected to ignore the thousands of people from Britain who left the country.

Reviews round-up

29 July 2006
TsotsiDirected by Gavin HoodDVD out now This film traces six days in Tsotsi’s life in modern South Africa. He ends up caring for a baby he accidentally kidnaps during a carjacking.

The struggle for justice continues in South Africa

17 June 2006
In the days leading up to the 30th anniversary of the Soweto uprising, young people have been urged by the government to take part in nationwide commemorations.

When Soweto rose up

17 June 2006
On 16 June 1976 South African school students took to the streets of Soweto to protest at being forced to learn Afrikaans, which they saw as the language of their white oppressors.

South African revolt grows over jobs

23 May 2006
A general strike over the lack of jobs won wide support in South Africa on Thursday of last week. It was best supported in the mines, car plants, the metal industry and schools.

Tsotsi: life and love on the streets of Johannesburg

11 March 2006
This is a film about a young gang leader named Tsotsi who lives on the dangerous and crime-ridden streets of Johannesburg, South Africa.

Activists elected in South Africa

11 March 2006
The Operation Khanyisa (Light-Up) movement won a council seat in the Johannesburg region in the recent South African municipal elections. The related Displaced Ratepayers’ Association won three seats in Ekurhuleni – the former East Rand.

Shut out of the Thames Gateway

28 January 2006
The lesson of history is that the rich like to push the poor around. From the Highland Clearances in Scotland in the late 18th and early 19th centuries, to forced removals in apartheid South Africa and Chinese dam projects, those with power want to tell those without it where and how to live.

Poor launch land war in South Africa

03 December 2005
A wave of bitter revolts over land and housing is sweeping many parts of South Africa. Ten years after the end of apartheid, the ANC government’s commitment to neo-liberalism means millions are still waiting for proper houses, clean water and toilets.

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