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South Africa

First steps towards a radical alternative in South Africa

03 September 2005
More than 70 trade union, campaigning, socialist, religious and civic groups came together recently to form a coalition to challenge the ANC government’s economic policies.

Who decides how we see Africa?

27 August 2005
In the spring of 1993 South African photojournalist Kevin Carter was covering the famine in Sudan. While visiting a feeding station, a starving child crawling through the dust caught his eye. Behind the child stalked a large vulture.

South African miners strike forces concessions

20 August 2005
South African miners strike forces concessions

Echoes of apartheid repression in South African municipal workers strike

13 August 2005
Around 180,000 municipal (council) workers are also on indefinite strike.

South African workers in key battles for justice

13 August 2005
OUR MEMBERS have come out 100 percent countrywide in support of the battle. All the main mine companies—AngloGold, Gold Fields, Harmony, South Deep—are stopped.

The South African revolt against poverty

16 July 2005
Around 200,000 South African local government workers struck for a day on Tuesday over pay.

Divisions at heart of South Africa’s rulers

25 June 2005
THABO MBEKI, the president of South Africa, fired deputy president Jacob Zuma, the country’s second most powerful politician, last week.

The poor rise up in fury to protest in Cape Town

11 June 2005
Toyi-toying youth, burning tyres, barricades, teargas, stun grenades, rubber bullets, running battles with the police — these scenes from apartheid’s battlefields were rerun in the townships of Cape Town, South Africa, over the last week.

South African activist rejects Blair’s neo-liberal agenda for Africa

30 April 2005
I hear that Trevor Manuel, South Africa’s finance minister, has appeared in the British press calling for people to vote Labour because of the party’s commitment to tackling world poverty.

South African strike wins some real harmony for workers

16 April 2005
The two-week strike by miners at the Harmony gold mines in South Africa (Socialist Worker, 9 April) has won important concessions.

Miners battle against South Africa’s glittering elite

09 April 2005
At the start of this week there were over 20,000 miners on strike in Free State at gold mines owned by the Harmony firm. Workers are 100 percent behind the action and are determined to fight until they win. The company has claimed that the strike is about job losses, but this is not true.

These anti-terror powers are about controlling dissent

19 March 2005
There were many telling moments after South Africa’s first democratic election. I’d like to touch on one which I think is relevant to the changes being made to our country’s law.

Trevor Ngwane backs protests against Gleneagles G8 summit

19 March 2005
I will be coming from South Africa to Edinburgh in July to confront the G8. I hope you will be marching with me.

MP attacks new ‘terror’ powers

05 March 2005
I lived for many years in South Africa, during the dark days of apartheid. During that time, Britain’s legal system was held up as a beacon of light and hope, as the prison bars of the apartheid state closed around us.

Mbeki’s neo-liberal vision of South Africa

26 February 2005
In his state of the nation address at the opening of parliament, South African president Thabo Mbeki once again revealed how out of touch with reality he is.

Help free Matthews Ndlovu

18 December 2004
MATTHEWS NDLOVU, a South African activist fighting against privatisation, has been sentenced to two years in jail for "malicious damage to property".

The black majority still live in poverty under the ANC

27 November 2004
THE SOUTH African government’s actions over the telecom industry have focused all the feeling about how only an elite has benefited in the post-apartheid economy.

When Swansea mauled racism

09 October 2004
THIRTY FIVE years ago the people of Swansea took on the massed ranks of police protecting the all-white propaganda machine of the South African apartheid state, the Springbok rugby team.

The crisis nobody wants to talk about

02 October 2004
FIGURES WERE released last week detailing coming mass slaughter and social destruction in South Africa.

Struggle continues for real liberation

17 April 2004
WHEN SOUTH Africans went to the polls this week it marked ten years since black people won the right to vote. A cursory examination of South Africa today reveals deep cracks in the post-apartheid capitalist society. Despite big talk about what has been achieved, the rich continue to get richer and the poor poorer. The majority black ANC government wants South Africans to celebrate and relish the newfound peace, justice and national unity after centuries of conflict, division and injustice.

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