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South Africa

London Recruits—‘An opportunity to assist the struggle against apartheid’

05 January 2016
Forthcoming film London Recruits tells the story of young activists who fought apartheid. Sabby Sagall spoke to some of them about that struggle

Students' rebellion in South Africa should inspire us all

27 October 2015
After ten days of unprecedented protests, students in South Africa have won an interim demand that there be no increases in university fees next year.

South African activist on trial

18 August 2015
Leading South African Amcu miners’ union activist Makhanya Siphamandla was due to start trial this week. He is charged with attempted murder. 

Marikana massacre inquiry: The truth behind the cover-up

30 June 2015
The South African state’s official inquiry into the killing of 34 striking miners in 2012 has provoked shock and disbelief, Rehad Desai and Jim Nichol told Ken Olende

How the mighty ANC fell

30 June 2015
Despite attempts to whitewash government collusion, the official report into South Africa’s Marikana massacre taints the ruling African National Congress (ANC). Cops opened fire on striking miners in 2012, killing dozens.

Open letter from South Africa - release the report into the Marikana massacre

05 May 2015
This is an edited version of an open letter from activists asking why the results of the inquiry into the massacre have not yet been made public

A step towards a new left workers' party in South Africa

21 April 2015
A new left is emerging from the splits of the ruling ANC party. But not all the new radicals are involved, reports Ken Olende


10 March 2015
Thanks for solidarity from released South Africans, fighting canal evictions, causes of child abuse and Palestine protest at Glasgow University

Clampdown on socialists in South Africa leads to 49 arrests

03 March 2015
South African police have arrested 49 activists after opening fire on two protests on Thursday of last week. These include Trevor Ngwane, a well known figure in anti-privatisation campaigns.

Ruling ANC uses violence to silence opposition

17 February 2015
Activist and filmmaker Anita Khana writes from Johannesburg as the ANC turns on its radical opponents

International round-up

16 December 2014
Hong Kong police clear last camps | Palestinian minister killed | Numsa union to challenge ANC | Nigerian oil workers walk out

Concerning Violence—a powerful depiction of the struggle against oppression

02 December 2014
Director Goran Olsson new film is a first hand account of the anti-colonial struggles in Africa—and calls on us to carry on the fight today, writes Saba Shiraz

Backlash after South African Numsa union expelled

25 November 2014
South African trade union federation Cosatu has temporarily eased its all out assault on the country’s largest union, Numsa, which it recently expelled.

Union anger deepens over Cosatu expulsion of Numsa in South Africa

18 November 2014
The crisis caused by the expulsion of South Africa’s biggest union, Numsa, from the Cosatu federation continues to grow. 

Numsa expulsion is a sign of the crisis in South Africa

11 November 2014
The South African trade union federation Cosatu expelled the country’s biggest union, Numsa, last Saturday.

Rally for massacred Marikana miners

19 August 2014
More than 10,000 people rallied for the second anniversary of the Marikana massacre last Saturday. In 2012 South African police gunned down 112 striking platinum miners, killing 34. 

Miners Shot Down - film exposes murder and collusion in South Africa

12 August 2014
Rehad Desai, director of the Miners Shot Down film, talked to Socialist Worker about why it’s a must-see for trade unionists

South African bosses try to back out of deal with metal workers

05 August 2014
Some of South Africa’s bosses are already trying to renege on an agreement made with metal workers’ union Numsa last week.    

South Africa strike wins gains for metal workers

29 July 2014
Metal and engineering workers in South Africa ended their four-week strike this week having forced bosses to make major concessions.  

South Africa strikers in talks

22 July 2014
Union representatives from the Numsa metal workers’ union in South Africa were in talks as Socialist Worker went to press.

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