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South African student revolt grows amid repression from cops

25 October 2016
South African authorities are trying to criminalise a wave of protests on campuses, writes Charlie Kimber

Don’t miss out on the best of new African cinema

25 October 2016
The Royal African Society presents its sixth film festival showcasing its pick of the best new African film and filmmakers this month.

South African students appeal to workers for support in a fight against the system

19 October 2016
A revolt by students in South Africa against a tuition fee rise has grown into an all-out fight for quality, free and decolonised education.

South African student revolt grows in face of repression

06 October 2016
The South African students’ revolt against a tuition fee hike continues—and has defied the authorities’ attempts to stop demonstrations and protests.

Protests against tuition fee hike sweep South African university campuses

29 September 2016
Student protests against a tuition fee rise are sweeping South Africa.

Economic Freedom Fighters enter dangerous alliance in South Africa

23 August 2016
The Democratic Alliance (DA) has grabbed the mayoralty of two crucial South African cities. The party openly backs big business and has its roots in some of the white parties that existed under apartheid.

Don't forget the message of Marikana

16 August 2016
This week four years ago South African police gunned down 34 striking mine workers at the Lonmin corporation’s Marikana mine.

Anger at lack of change sets back ANC in South African elections

09 August 2016
Also: Olympic protest in Rio, hunger strike in Israeli jails and BDS clampdown

Elections in South Africa could mean hope as Economic Freedom Fighters take on ANC

12 July 2016
South Africa’s local government elections, set for 3 August, will see a bitter battle between the ruling African National Congress and its opponents on both left and right.

The children that rocked apartheid—forty years since the Soweto Uprising

14 June 2016
Forty years ago this week the South African township of Soweto, near Johannesburg, exploded in revolt. School students defied the might of the apartheid state .

Is this the birth of new power for workers in South Africa?

03 May 2016
New and exciting possibilities for the South African left emerged last weekend, writes Charlie Kimber

Corruption scandals hit Zuma in South Africa - and cause a crisis for the ANC

05 April 2016
South African president Jacob Zuma is under intense pressure to resign after three scandalous revelations pointing towards his corruption.

South African students ignite growing protest movement

25 February 2016
SOUTH AFRICAN university campuses are burning with revolt. Protests are bursting out across the country over fees, racism, exclusions and the way the apartheid past still shapes education. At least eight universities have seen battles in the past week.

Drought in Southern Africa threatens millions with famine

23 February 2016
Millions are suffering in Southern Africa but capitalism can’t solve the climate crisis, says Alistair Farrow 

London Recruits—‘An opportunity to assist the struggle against apartheid’

05 January 2016
Forthcoming film London Recruits tells the story of young activists who fought apartheid. Sabby Sagall spoke to some of them about that struggle

Students' rebellion in South Africa should inspire us all

27 October 2015
After ten days of unprecedented protests, students in South Africa have won an interim demand that there be no increases in university fees next year.

South African activist on trial

18 August 2015
Leading South African Amcu miners’ union activist Makhanya Siphamandla was due to start trial this week. He is charged with attempted murder. 

How the mighty ANC fell

30 June 2015
Despite attempts to whitewash government collusion, the official report into South Africa’s Marikana massacre taints the ruling African National Congress (ANC). Cops opened fire on striking miners in 2012, killing dozens.

Marikana massacre inquiry: The truth behind the cover-up

30 June 2015
The South African state’s official inquiry into the killing of 34 striking miners in 2012 has provoked shock and disbelief, Rehad Desai and Jim Nichol told Ken Olende

Open letter from South Africa - release the report into the Marikana massacre

05 May 2015
This is an edited version of an open letter from activists asking why the results of the inquiry into the massacre have not yet been made public

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