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South Africa

Digging the dirt on the diamond trade

06 May 2014
In the second of a series on commodities that shaped the world, Simon Basketter looks at how brutal imperialist bosses turned useless rocks into a lucrative market

Angry strikers react to Marikana massacre film in South Africa's platinum belt

06 May 2014
Two years ago South African cops shot and killed 34 strikers at Marikana platinum mine, with the collusion of bosses and politicians. Now a documentary film about the massacre is being shown in the platinum belt where 80,000 miners are on strike. Charlie Kimber describes the atmosphere at one of the mass twilight screenings

ANC win in South Africa's elections won't stop historic challenges to its dominance

06 May 2014
Charlie Kimber reports from South Africa on a critical election, mass workers’ strikes and political turmoil

‘Mines should be run democratically in the interest of all’ says union shop steward in South Africa

06 May 2014
Around 80,000 platinum miners have been on strike since January. The 15-week strike is one the biggest in South Africa’s history. 

South Africa: The ANC monolith cracks

29 April 2014
Irvin Jim, head of the National Union of Metalworkers of South Africa, and Dali Mpofu of the Economic Freedom Fighters, speak to Socialist Worker's Ken Olende

Reports round-up

22 April 2014
Protest to defend One Housing rep Bryan Kennedy | Ballot result due at First Great Western | London protest for South African Amplats miners | Anti-bedroom tax campaign calls meeting | Occupational therapists challenge 'bullying' in Greenwhich | Petition against Barts Health advocacy cuts in Tower Hamlets

Numsa marches for jobs across South Africa

25 March 2014
The South African metal workers’ union Numsa held a day of action on Wednesday of last week against unemployment.

Miner out on bail in South Africa

18 March 2014
Striking South African platinum miner and leading AMCU union activist Makhanya Siphamandla was released on bail on Friday of last week. Makhanya and another militant are charged with attempted murder. 

Leading miner arrested in South Africa as bosses face strike wave

11 March 2014
Makhanya Siphamandla, an important leader in South Africa’s national strike of platinum miners, has been arrested and charged with attempted murder.

South African platinum strikers to march

04 March 2014
Thousands of striking platinum miners were set to march on South Africa’s parliament on Thursday of this week.

Strike escalates in South Africa after more workers walk out

11 February 2014
A strike across South Africa’s platinum mines escalated after metalworkers in the Numsa union at the mines came out alongside miners.

New platinum miners' strike panics government in South Africa

28 January 2014
Tens of thousands of platinum miners began an all-out strike in South Africa on Thursday of last week. 

International: In Brief

14 January 2014
 Basque Country; South Africa; Central African Republic; Syria

South Africa's largest union breaks with ANC and calls for new workers' party

07 January 2014
South Africa’s largest union withdrew electoral support for the governing African National Congress (ANC) in a historic move at a special conference last month. It went on to call for a new workers’ party to be set up.

New struggles rock South Africa today

10 December 2013
The death of Nelson Mandela has made the South African political establishment look at its own aims and record. Compared to the ideals of 1994 and the sacrifice of Mandela, their aspirations fall very short of what the mass of South Africa’s people want.

Nelson Mandela 1918-2013

05 December 2013
Nelson Mandela's fight against apartheid inspired millions of people across the world. Charlie Kimber looks back on his life and the struggle he helped lead

Marikana film shows cops' attacks on miners

29 October 2013
New evidence backs miners in the fight for justice over the Marikana massacre, reports Ken Olende

New footage of Marikana massacre shows unprovoked attack

25 October 2013
Socialist film maker Rehad Desai has uncovered previously unseen news footage of the beginning of the Marikana massacre in South Africa in August 2012.

Amplats strikers win concessions in South Africa

15 October 2013
Striking platinum miners at South Africa’s Amplats company returned to work last week following concessions from bosses. A planned 3,300 redundancies have been shifted from being compulsory to voluntary by the strike.

Miners strike in South Africa

01 October 2013
South African platinum miners at Amplats mines around Rustenburg came out on strike on Friday of last week against 3,300 planned redundancies.

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