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Sudan - a history of a mass revolt

30 June 2019
A timeline of the inspiring six-month revolt in Sudan which has raised issues about revolution today

Huge protests in Sudan defy police attacks and call for an end to military rule

30 June 2019
Huge demonstrations swept Sudan on Sunday demanding an end to military rule.

Sudan - revolution at the crossroads

26 June 2019
Sudan’s opposition leaders have said they will agree to a compromise deal with the country’s military rulers. But the military rejected it.

Protests restart in Sudan, but the military maintains repression

22 June 2019
In an effort to regain momentum, the opposition coordinated workplace protests, mass meetings, and marches.

Halt of general strike risks stalling the revolt in Sudan

14 June 2019
Sudan’s revolt suffered a setback as opposition leaders called off a general strike—despite its huge success

Sudanese workers deepen revolt with a general strike against the regime

11 June 2019
Workers in Sudan have shown their power to bring society to a halt in the battle against the ruthless military regime.

Sudan—a revolt on the brink

07 June 2019
The uprising in Sudan has reached a pivotal moment. Attempts to crush it could either drown it in blood—or push to struggle for deeper-reaching change

Resist Sudan’s killer regime

04 June 2019
Revolution hangs in the balance after Sudan’s military launched a brutal crackdown against the opposition. But a call for an indefinite general strike offers hope

Sudanese union calls general strike for ‘full victory’ against military

28 May 2019
Groups of workers across Sudan began a two-day general strike on Tuesday as part of the fight to remove the military regime.

Strikes for future of Sudanese revolution

21 May 2019
Workers are fighting to defend their movement from the old regime’s repression, writes?Charlie Kimber

Sudan’s generals suspend talks with opposition as they try to cling on to power

16 May 2019
Sudan’s military rulers have suspended talks on moving the country towards civilian rule in a bid to demobilise the movement that toppled dictator Omar al-Bashir last month. 

‘We’re organising the revolution’—eyewitness from the Sudanese sit-ins

12 May 2019
A month after protests forced out dictator Omar al-Bashir, the fate of Sudan’s revolution remains on a knife-edge.

Sit-ins and strikes win more support in Sudan

07 May 2019
A strike at Sudan’s government-owned SEEN Flour Company in Red Sea state near Port Sudan has sharply posed the challenges for the continuing uprising.

Military try to head off real change in Sudan

30 April 2019
Sudan’s generals are desperate to force through a dodgy deal with the opposition, writes Charlie Kimber

Protests grow in Sudan as military refuse to step aside

19 April 2019
Sit-ins, demonstrations and workers' protests are spreading across the country

Sudan sit-in shows how ordinary people can run society and win real change

14 April 2019
Sudan’s ruling class is desperately trying to reassert control as protests continue demanding fundamental change.

After Omar al-Bashir forced out - protests, not the army, can win real change in Sudan

11 April 2019
Months of protest have forced the army to remove Sudan’s president Omar al-Bashir.

Hundreds of thousands join protests in Sudan

09 April 2019
Hundreds of thousands of people joined demonstrations across Sudan last Saturday.

Millions-strong Algerian movement piles pressure on hated regime

06 April 2019
Millions of Algerians protested on Friday despite the former president Abdelaziz Bouteflika being forced from office on Tuesday. 

Strikes spread to Algeria’s oil fields

26 March 2019
Huge protests continued in Algeria, north Africa, last week to demand the removal of president Abdelaziz Bouteflika and his regime.

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