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Sudan’s rich past

18 September 2004
WHICH country has the most pyramids from ancient times? Of course, everyone knows the answer is Egypt—except that actually it’s Sudan.

The West has bled Sudan dry

04 September 2004
Without understanding the role and impact of capitalism and superpower intervention in Africa, the responses evoked by horrors such as that unfolding in Darfur, western Sudan, will often be mistaken.

Are the occupiers of Iraq the answer here?

31 July 2004
TONY BLAIR says 5,000 British troops are poised to intervene in Darfur, western Sudan.

Disaster in Darfur

19 June 2004
A catastrophe is unfolding in western Sudan Charlie Kimber explains why


08 December 2001
War against world's poor We are again seeing the big powers trying to sort out the world's problems through military force. More and more countries are on George Bush's list of targets – Iraq, Iran, Syria, Lebanon, Somalia, Sudan, Yemen, North Korea and others.

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