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Stop the War

Military father who snubbed Tony Blair speaks out: ‘Let’s stop the bloody wars’

13 October 2009
What do you think about the war in Afghanistan?

Stop the War meeting in Haringey

13 October 2009
Around 80 people packed into the West Indian Cultural Centre in Turnpike Lane, north London, on Tuesday of last week for a meeting that is part of the growing resistance to the occupation of Afghanistan.

Stop the War Student conference: preparing for the year ahead

22 September 2009
The Student Stop the War conference in London last Saturday brought 120 delegates from across the country together to discuss the tasks of the anti-war movement.

Wounded: Soldiers that the army would rather you didn’t see

15 September 2009
This harrowing documentary follows two British soldiers who have been horrifically injured while fighting in Afghanistan.

Wootton Bassett: ‘Why are we fighting this war - nothing good is coming of it, only sadness?’

25 August 2009
Wootton Bassett, a market town near Swindon in the south west of England, is now synonymous with the terrible reality of Britain’s war in Afghanistan.

Support grows for soldier who spoke out against Afghanistan war

21 July 2009
Support has been flowing in for Lance Corporal Joe Glenton, a British soldier who spoke out against the war in Afghanistan in last week’s Socialist Worker, calling for British troops to be brought home.

Rally of resistance against Gordon Brown’s Afghan war

14 July 2009
Anti-war protesters surged to the gates of Downing Street on Monday evening after the prime minister’s office refused to take delivery of a letter calling for troops to be brought home from Afghanistan.

‘Bring the troops home now’

14 July 2009
AS politicians vie with each other to express their sympathies for British soldiers who have been killed in Afghanistan – soldiers that they all voted to send – a brave young man stands ready to be jailed for refusing to fight.

Protest at parliament against holding Iraq enquiry in private

22 June 2009
The Stop the War Coalition has called a protest outside parliament at 2pm this Wednesday, demanding "No Whitewash, No Cover Up", in the Iraq enquiry.

Iraq war inquiry to be kept secret

16 June 2009
Anti-war campaigners protested on Monday as Gordon Brown announced that the government’s inquiry into the Iraq war will be held in secret.

700 at Stop the War fundraiser

26 May 2009
Over 700 people attended a fundraiser organised by the Stop the War Coalition at London’s Hackney Empire last week.

Stop the War public hearing in Manchester

19 May 2009
Around 60 people attended a Greater Manchester Stop the War Coalition public hearing last week held in response to the G20 policing and the arrest and detention of Pakistani students.

300 at determined Stop the War conference

28 April 2009
The strength and determination of the anti-war movement in Britain was demonstrated at the Stop the War Coalition’s annual conference held in London last Saturday.

Trade unionists raise their voices against Nato

07 April 2009
Many trade unions across Europe mobilised to bring workers to the anti-Nato demonstrations in Strasbourg.

Hackney protests continue at Army Showroom

07 April 2009
Over 50 people protested against an army showroom in Hackney, east London, last Saturday.

Protests shake Nato Strasbourg summit

07 April 2009
Thousands of demonstrators defied police repression and violence to stage mass protests against Nato in Strasbourg, France, last Saturday.

Anti-war campaigners help force out Czech PM

31 March 2009
The Czech Republic's prime minister Mirek Topolanek was toppled last week by a parliamentary no-confidence vote.

Nato's role in promoting Western imperialism

31 March 2009
Anti-war activists from around the world will converge on the city of Strasbourg in France this week to protest at the summit of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (Nato), the military alliance headed by the US. Nato was formed 60 years ago on 4 April 1949.

Humbling the hawks

31 March 2009
The pro-imperialist liberals, once vociferous and united in defence of US wars, are in a mess. The invasion of Iraq, on which so many of them waged their moral and intellectual credibility, has led to horrifying bloodletting.

Marching for Palestine in Wandsworth

03 March 2009
More than 400 people joined a march for Palestine in Wandsworth, south London, last Saturday.

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