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Stop the War

Stop the G20 in London in April

09 December 2008
The next meeting of the G20 group of nations will take place in London on 2 April.

Manchester remembers all those killed in Afghanistan

25 November 2008
Over 100 people from all walks of life came together in Manchester on Thursday of last week to mark the seventh anniversary of the invasion of Afghanistan.

Unite against Nato expansion and war

11 November 2008
The European anti-war movement is calling for mass protests at next year’s Nato summit in Strasbourg, France, including an international demonstration and a counter-summit.

Stop the War launches protesters’ defence campaign

04 November 2008
The Stop the War Coalition has launched a campaign to defend demonstrators who were beaten or arrested during a peaceful protest at a visit by George Bush to London on 15 June.

Stop the War tour packs them in

28 October 2008
The Stop the War Coalition World Against War national tour has been a big success.

It's time to take on threat of Nato, vows CND conference

21 October 2008
On 4 April next year the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (Nato) will celebrate its 60th anniversary. It pretends to be a defensive military alliance – but the recent conflict between Georgia and Russia shows the true purpose of Nato and why the peace movement must oppose its existence.

Thousands in Manchester to protest against the war

23 September 2008
More than 5,000 people marched through central Manchester last Saturday against the occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan, and to oppose the spread of war to other countries.

Voices of resistance call for troops to come home

23 September 2008
"If you don’t speak up, nothing’s going to change," said Falak, a young woman from Liverpool.

The warmongers’ failure on every front

16 September 2008
Not least of Gordon Brown’s worries at this week’s Labour conference is the "war on terror". His government, like that of Tony Blair, is mired up to its neck on a number of fronts.

Tony Benn: ‘Intensify the campaign’

16 September 2008
"The news that the US is now bombing Pakistan emphasises yet again the appalling dangers that have followed from the so-called ‘war on terror’.

Victory as the military are kicked off North London campus

09 September 2008
Activists at the College of North East London (Conel) in Tottenham won a major victory last week when they kicked the military off their campus.

Meetings mobilise for Manchester anti-war demonstration

09 September 2008
Support is growing for next weekend’s anti-war demonstration outside the Labour Party conference in Manchester.

Support grows for Stop the War protest in Manchester

26 August 2008
There has been a sudden burst of interest in the Saturday 20 September anti-war demonstration at the Labour Party conference in Manchester.

Demonstrate against the war at Labour Party conference

05 August 2008
The Stop the War Coalition has called a national demonstration at the Labour Party conference in Manchester on 20 September to protest against the continuing occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan.

Demonstrators defy the police to protest against George Bush’s visit

17 June 2008
The real aim of George Bush’s visit to Britain became clear on Monday when Gordon Brown announced more British troops for Afghanistan and "further sanctions" on Iran.

Photos of the anti-Bush protest on 15 June, 2008

17 June 2008

Vibrant London demonstration against George Bush attacked by police

16 June 2008
More than 2,500 anti-war protesters descended on parliament yesterday Sunday for an angry protest at the visit of warmongering mass murderer, US president George Bush.

Protesters will defy ban on anti-Bush demo on Sunday 15 June

11 June 2008
Socialist Worker is calling on anti-war activists to defy a police ban on the George Bush Not Welcome Here demonstration.

Speaking out against Islamophobia in Manchester

10 June 2008
"When I was arrested at first I thought it was a joke. Then I realised – I’m a Muslim, I had the Al Qaida training manual on my computer, I could be locked up and disappear into Belmarsh or anywhere."

Tell George Bush: ‘Go to hell!’

10 June 2008
War criminal George Bush is coming to Britain as part of his "farewell tour" of Europe. And he brings with him plans for a new war on Iran and demands for more sacrifice in Afghanistan and Iraq.

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