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Tony Benn: ‘Why we must all demonstrate on 24 February’

24 February 2007
‘People say, "What’s the point of demonstrations?" I got some letters four years ago after the big demonstration then and people said, "we had the demonstration, there were two million people there, but the war went ahead."

Veteran slams Trident plans on his 100th birthday

17 February 2007
Howard Andrews of Taunton, Somerset, is England’s oldest surviving Spanish Civil War International Brigader (see Socialist Worker, 18 November 2006).

Preparing for 24 February anti-war demonstration

17 February 2007
Stop the war groups in over 80 cities and towns across England and Wales have organised transport to the Saturday 24 February demonstration in London.

Bush’s barbarism shows up the depth of his crisis

17 February 2007
You can say what you like about George Bush, but no one can accuse him of crowd pleasing. His decision to ignore the advice of elder statesmen in the US establishment and escalate the "war on terror" has alienated millions round the world.

Scottish anti-war conference success

17 February 2007
Pensioners and peace activists, students and school students, trade unionists and members of Scotland’s Muslim communities came together in their hundreds at last Saturday’s Scottish Stop the War Coalition conference.

Hackney anti-war 'die-in'

17 February 2007
In Hackney, east London, the Stop the War group staged a "die-in" last Saturday to publicise the national anti-war demonstration on 24 February. Despina Karayianni and Red Saunders, who helped organise the event, reported that it "made a great impact on passing shoppers.

Video of Ugly Rumours anti-war single

17 February 2007
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Activists building for mass anti-war protests

10 February 2007
Across England new people are getting involved in building the 24 February demonstration called by Stop the War, CND and the British Muslim Initiative.

STUC backs Scottish Stop the War conference

20 January 2007
The Scottish Trade Union Congress’s general council last week voted to support the Scottish Stop the War conference on 10 February and to circulate details to all its affiliated organisations.

Huge anti-war protest set for the US on 27 January

20 January 2007
The anti-war movement in the US has reacted with outrage at George Bush’s plans to ratchet up the war in Iraq. It is mobilising for a monster demonstration through Washington on 27 January.

Scots mobilise against the war

13 January 2007
Activists across Scotland are mobilising for an anti-war demonstration in Glasgow on Saturday 24 February. Scottish Stop the War have organised a conference for Saturday 10 February to help build the movement.

Stop Blair’s war machine

06 January 2007
This must be the year when the anti-war movement forces an end to the disastrous occupation of Iraq and reverses the direction of government foreign and military strategy.

Lauren Booth backs Ugly Rumours’ anti-war single

06 January 2007
A group of anti-war musicians have released a cover version of Edwin Starr’s classic War (What Is It Good For?) under the name of Ugly Rumours. They aim to take it to the top of the charts.

It’s time MPs listened to our anti-war message

16 December 2006
An estimated 650,000 Iraqis dead, 126 British troops dead, dangerous chaos dominating many parts of the country.

Huge anti-war meeting in Liverpool

11 November 2006
Around 900 people attended a public meeting organised by Merseyside Stop the War Coalition in Liverpool on Monday of last week.

Reports and video of Manchester Time to Go demonstration, 23 September 2006

30 September 2006
Reports from the Time to Go demonstration in Manchester, England, where more than 50,000 marched past the venue of the Labour Party conference demanding British troops go from Afghanistan and Iraq and Tony Blair goes from Downing Street.

‘We’ll have to fight, whoever is in office’

30 September 2006
The prospect of the end of Tony Blair’s rule has created a debate inside the anti-war and trade union movements about what needs to be done to get real change.

Protest surrounds Labour conference

30 September 2006
Between 50,000 and 60,000 anti-war protesters converged on Manchester city centre on Saturday of last week for the Stop the War Coalition’s "Time To Go" demonstration.

Picture of 50,000 marching through Manchester on Time to Go demo

30 September 2006

Video of Eamonn McCann speech at Time to Go demonstration

23 September 2006
Eamonn McCann, civil rights activist from Derry and one of the Raytheon Nine, speaks to the crowd at the rally after more than 50,000 people marched on the Stop the War Coalition 'Time to Go' demonstration against the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and for Tony Blair to go. The demonstration was in Manchester outside the venue of the Labour Party conference on Saturday 23 September 2006.

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