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Stop the War

Stop the War conference

09 June 2015
Around 400 activists attended the Confronting a World at War conference last Saturday in central London organised by the Stop the War Coalition (StW).

We Are Many brings to the screen the day the world said no to war

19 May 2015
A new film We Are Many looks back at the 15 February 2003 protests against the invasion of Iraq. Its director Amir Amirani spoke to Socialist Worker

Civilian deaths mount as war in Yemen continues

14 April 2015
The Saudis are leading the attack because they want to stop the growth of a rival regional power. The Saudi coalition is backed by the US, which is trying to reassert its influence

'Remember war resisters, not generals,' says campaigning author Adam Hochschild

04 November 2014
Millions around the world will  remember the war dead on Sunday of this week, with special focus on the 100th anniversary of the First World War.

Tory war lies unravel as British ground troops enter Iraq

14 October 2014
THE LIE that British troops would not return to Iraq is falling apart.

David Cameron calls for more Iraq attacks

07 October 2014
Politicians are using Islamic State murders to ramp up their war rhetoric, writes Judith Orr

US imperialism is still in crisis—build opposition to Obama’s messy war

30 September 2014
The West 's rulers are preparing for a long war in the Middle, but there’s no prospect of a simple rerun of the George W Bush years

Protests across Britain against war on Iraq and Syria

30 September 2014
Protesters took to the streets at the news of a new war on Iraq in cities across Britain from Glasgow to Portsmouth.

US missiles will worsen Iraq crisis

16 September 2014
The US started a new bombing campaign in Iraq this week. It no longer claims to be carrying out a humanitarian mission. 

Thousands take to streets for Palestine

05 August 2014
Israel’s assault on Gaza has provoked demonstrations in every town and city in Britain. Last weekend saw local protests across the country.

Hundreds attend Stop the War conference in London

03 December 2013
Over 400 attended the Stop the War (StW) Coalition International conference in London last Saturday. Speakers included Labour MP Diane Abbott who talked about the opposition in parliament to David Cameron’s plan to bomb Syria. 

Marine guilty of murder - but army let off lightly

12 November 2013
A sergeant in the Royal Marines was convicted of murder last week after footage of him shooting an unarmed injured Afghan prisoner was shown in court.

Activists gather for Stop the War AGM

17 September 2013
Around 150 delegates from around Britain came together for the Stop the War Coalition (StW) AGM last Saturday in London. 

London demonstration keeps up pressure against attack on Syria

31 August 2013
Up to 5,000 people marched through central London today, Saturday, on a demonstration to oppose military intervention in Syria. Another 300 joined a demonstration in Glasgow

Cameron's defeat is proof of protest power

30 August 2013
David Cameron's humiliating defeat in yesterday's parliamentary vote on bombing Syria was the result of a decade of anti-war struggle

'Don't Bomb Syria' protesters block Whitehall

29 August 2013
Up to 1,000 people blocked Whitehall and stopped traffic in central London yesterday evening, Wednesday, against David Cameron’s threat to bomb Syria.

Bitter defeat of the West's bloody war in Afghanistan

25 June 2013
The West has finally admitted it lost the war in Afghanistan. A coalition led by the world’s greatest superpower is scuttling out of the country. To do so it agreed to talks with the Taliban—the enemy the warmongers said they went in to defeat.

US troops in Syria only threaten the revolution

18 June 2013
The US government wants to score a win in its regional cold war against Iran. The revolutionary struggle for emancipation in Syria would become the collateral damage. 

West prepares to intervene in Syria

18 June 2013
Western intervention is a danger to the struggle against dictatorship, says Judith Orr

Stop Britain’s drone wars

30 April 2013
Hundreds of anti-war protesters marched from Lincoln to RAF Waddington last Saturday.  

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