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British government is complicit in torture

23 November 2010
The British government has publicly admitted complicity in torture and abuse by making compensation payments to 16 Guantanamo detainees.

A groundswell of anger against war

23 November 2010
Thousands of anti-war activists marched through London on Saturday in protest at the continuing occupation of Afghanistan.

Video of Stop the War demonstration

22 November 2010
Thousands of people joined the Stop the War demonstration through central London on Saturday 20 November 2010, under the slogan 'Afghanistan: Time to Go'

Stop the War conference: Building for the protest on 20 November

02 November 2010
Around 200 people attended the Stop the War Coalition’s annual conference on Saturday. The conference discussed the current anti-war movement and the struggles ahead.

Anti-war group’s relaunch success

28 September 2010
Around 40 school and college students met in central London last Sunday for the relaunch of School Students Against War (SSAW).

Afghanistan: Time to Go - Stop the War rally on Monday

22 July 2010
A major rally takes place on Monday in London calling for the troops to get out of Afghanistan

Exclusive: the story of the British soldier jailed for turning against the Iraq war

06 July 2010
"I think the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are wrong. These wars are illegal and we shouldn’t be out there," says Ross.

British soldier speaks out against the war

06 July 2010
The British army uses up and spits out young working class men in pursuit of their bloody, illegal wars.

Stop the War: Debating the Afghanistan ‘war on terror’

20 April 2010
Campaigners came together at a meeting called by the Stop the War Coalition on Wednesday of last week to debate the what should be a central issue of the general election – the war in Afghanistan.

Leon Kuhn: All Quiet on the Afghan Front

13 April 2010

Show support for Joe Glenton

13 April 2010
Joe Glenton is facing increasingly difficult conditions in the Military Corrective Training Centre in Colchester.

Jailed soldier launches appeal

23 March 2010
Lawyers representing anti-war soldier Joe Glenton have lodged an appeal against his conviction. Joe, who refused to fight in Afghanistan, was sentenced to nine months in prison for going Awol.

Evidence of torture haunts the British government

09 March 2010
More evidence is emerging that the British government is allowing its territory of Diego Garcia to be used for torture.

Jail for British soldier who wouldn’t go to war

09 March 2010
Anti-war soldier Joe Glenton has been imprisoned for his refusal to fight in Afghanistan.

New Labour wants to cover up Guantanamo links

09 March 2010
New Labour is determined to continue its cover-up of MI5 collusion with Guantanamo Bay.

Inquiry into torture claims begins

09 March 2010
An inquiry into allegations that British soldiers tortured and killed people in Iraq began this week.

Meeting to build support for Gaza activists

09 March 2010
Over 100 people met last Tuesday to build solidarity for people jailed after protesting at Israel’s assault on Gaza last year.

Anti-war soldier sent to prison

05 March 2010
Joe Glenton, the British soldier who has refused to return to fight in Afghanistan, was sentenced to nine months in military prison today.

Anger over Afghan war topples Dutch government

23 February 2010
The Dutch government collapsed last weekend as the Afghan war claimed yet another victim.

Judge jails seven more people over Gaza protests

23 February 2010
A further seven people were sent to prison on Friday last week on charges relating to London protests against Israel’s Gaza offensive.

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