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Anger over Afghan war topples Dutch government

23 February 2010
The Dutch government collapsed last weekend as the Afghan war claimed yet another victim.

Tony Blair’s judgement day starts at Chilcot inquiry

29 January 2010
Hundreds of people protested outside the Chilcot inquiry into the Iraq war this morning as Tony Blair arrived to give evidence.

Army drops several major charges against Joe Glenton

28 January 2010
The army has dropped the some significant charges against Joe Glenton, the British soldier who refused to fight in Afghanistan.

Protesters greet warmongers’ London Afghanistan conference

28 January 2010
A lively anti-war protest greeted world leaders as they drove into the London conference on Afghanistan this morning.

Anti-war rally on eve of London protests

27 January 2010
Three days of activity against the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq began with a 200-strong public meeting in central London tonight, Wednesday.

Make Tony Blair’s day at Iraq inquiry a nightmare

19 January 2010
A storm of protest will welcome warmonger Tony Blair on Friday 29 January when he attends the Chilcot inquiry into the invasion of Iraq.

Blockade Afghanistan council of warmongers in London

19 January 2010
World leaders will gather in London on Thursday of next week for a "war council" on Afghanistan and Yemen.

Blockade Brown's Afghanistan conference

14 January 2010
A Stop the War Coalition meeting on Tuesday evening resolved to attempt to blockade Gordon Brown's Afghanistan conference and prevent it from going ahead.

Drop the charges against soldier Joe Glenton

15 December 2009
Joe Glenton, a British soldier who has refused to return to the war in Afghanistan, was released from military prison in Colchester last week.

Put Blair on trial for his war crimes

15 December 2009
Tony Blair finally admitted last week what millions of people in the anti-war movement have known for years – that he was intent on going to war in Iraq whether the country posed a threat or not.

Joe Glenton: Army won’t free traumatised man

08 December 2009
Anti-war soldier Joe Glenton is still being held in custody despite being diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

‘War on terror’ brings tragedy as 100th British soldier dies

08 December 2009
The 100th British soldier this year died in Afghanistan on Monday this week.

Stop the War die-in outside parliament

01 December 2009

Don’t let them hang Danny Fitzsimons

17 November 2009
Over 100 people attended a meeting in Bury last Saturday to launch the Bring Danny Home Campaign.

Anti-war protesters take to streets of Edinburgh

17 November 2009
Families of soldiers in Afghanistan, including some who have lost loved ones in the conflict, led a one thousand‑strong march in Edinburgh against the war last weekend.

Protest called at arrest of Joe Glenton, the soldier who has spoken out against Afghan war

11 November 2009
The Stop the War Coalition has called an emergency demonstration against the arrest of Joe Glenton from 5pm to 6pm on Thursday 12 November at Ministry of Defence, Whitehall, London SW1A 2HB.

Army arrests anti-war soldier Joe Glenton

10 November 2009
Lance Corporal Joe Glenton—a soldier who is refusing to fight in Afghanistan—was arrested and held on Monday of this week after the British army brought new charges against him.

Support grows for Edinburgh anti-war demo

03 November 2009
Defence ministers in the Nato alliance are to meet in Edinburgh on Saturday 14 November to discuss the continued occupation of Afghanistan.

Video of soldier Joe Glenton addressing the London Stop the War demo

25 October 2009
Serving British soldier Joe Glenton broke Queen’s orders by joining the Stop the War march in central London and addressed the rally in Trafalgar Square, Saturday 24 October 2009. He ran the risk of being arrested by doing so but he was not deterred

Soldier breaks ranks to lead thousands in London march against Afghan war

24 October 2009
Thousands of people poured onto the streets of London today to protest against the continuing war in Afghanistan. Countless Afghans have lost their lives and 222 British soldiers have now died in the conflict.

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