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Latin America

Which way now in Latin America?

03 August 2010
The film director Oliver Stone’s latest documentary, South of the Border, sets out to counter the lies and myths about the revolutions in Latin America over the last decade.

Chile: tremors of the past

09 March 2010
Earthquakes are events that expose what is hidden in a society. They are crises that reveal the best and the worst of people.

Imperialist intervention and capitalism lie behind Haiti's nightmare

15 January 2010
Tens of thousands of people in Haiti are dead and hundreds of thousands more wounded or homeless after the earthquake that tore through the country on Tuesday.

Argentina: trials show the unrepentant right

12 January 2010
As Argentinian president Cristina Fernández de Kirchner flew over Buenos Aires, a voice interrupted the helicopter’s radio communication. "Kill her, kill the ‘mare’," it said, before playing a military march – the one used by the junta that "disappeared" 30,000 workers, students, intellectuals and political activists during its rule from 1976 to 1983.

Letter from Bolivia: Evo Morales re-elected with a mandate for change

08 December 2009
Barely two hours after the voting for Bolivia’s president had ended last Sunday, Movement towards Socialism (MAS) supporters began to fill Plaza Murillo, the heart of the capital of La Paz.

Revolution in Paper: Print Making in Mexico 1910-1960

03 November 2009
Celebrated muralist Diego Rivera’s print of Mexican revolutionary Emiliano Zapata and his horse forms the centrepiece of the British Museum’s new exhibition.

Thousands take to the streets in Honduras

24 September 2009
For three days now, crowds have gathered around the Brazilian embassy in Tegucigalpa, the capital of Honduras. On Monday night they were dispersed with tear gas and bullets in the air.

Venezuela: revolution stalled

22 September 2009
Every Sunday at 11am, Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez welcomes Venezuelans to "Alo Presidente" on the country’s state-run television and radio stations.

Honduras: An imperial coup

04 August 2009
Imperialism is a term often associated with the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. It is less frequently used in the context of Latin America, where the roles of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and World Bank are more often considered features of "globalisation" or "neo-colonialism".

Challenging the coup in Honduras

21 July 2009
Trade unions, farmers, student organisations and social movements have called a general strike in Honduras for Thursday of this week. The protest movement has continued and grown since the 28 June coup, despite increasingly brutal repression and the murder of several demonstrators by the army.

Latin America: wounds that haven’t healed

07 July 2009
The radical Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez presented Barack Obama with the book Open Veins of Latin America, one of the continent’s most important political works, during the Summit of the Americas in April.

Military coup in Honduras reveals faultlines across Latin America

30 June 2009
A coup against Honduran president Manuel Zelaya has provoked protests throughout the country. The response of the armed forces, which have taken control, has been the imposition of a curfew and violence.

Police move onto university campus in Brazil

16 June 2009
Striking students, staff and professors have faced brutal police repression at the University of São Paulo (USP) in Brazil, the largest university in South America, with more than 75,000 students.

Peru: Hundreds dead in attacks

16 June 2009
According to Peruvian president Alan García, the Amazonian peoples "are not first class citizens".

Popular democracy in revolutionary Chile

02 June 2009
Between 1970-3 Chile entered a period of revolution. Workers began to take control of factories, the peasants were seizing the land and a vast movement of the oppressed was making its mark on shaping a new society.

Hugo Chavez faces his demons in Venezuela

26 May 2009
Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez has announced that a number of multinational metal companies are to be nationalised. This follows the government take over of several oil companies, ports, airports and some food producing firms.

A new freedom song is ringing for indigenous rights in Latin America

26 May 2009
The indigenous peoples of Latin America were once seen as passive and resigned to the exploitation they have suffered for so long.

El Salvador - Another left turn in Latin America

24 March 2009
A left wing candidate has become president of El Salvador in Central America, as part of a sweeping defeat for the right.

Chavez wins Venezuela referendum

17 February 2009
Just after 9pm last Sunday a crowd erupted into cries of joy in Venezuela's capital, Caracas. They were gathered on Urdaneta Avenue, the street that runs alongside the presidential palace, and had just heard the announcement that President Hugo Chavez had won a hard-fought referendum on a constitutional amendment.

Campaigning for Venezuela's referendum

11 February 2009
Last Saturday two marches started in the huge barrio of Petare, in Venezuela's capital Caracas.

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