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How did nationalist despair hijack the hopes in Ukraine?

03 March 2015
Tomáš Tengely-Evans talked to disillusioned demonstrators in Kiev a year after protests brought down a government. He analyses how the country can escape the brutal civil war

Ukraine crisis deepens on anniversary of Maidan protests

24 February 2015
A blast ripped through a demonstration in the Ukrainian city of Kharkiv last Sunday, killing two and injuring ten people. 

Maidan: A snapshot of the forces that shaped Ukraine’s crisis

24 February 2015
This documentary begins with a shot of a massive crowd gathered in a square. This is Maidan square in the Ukrainian capital Kiev at the peak of the movement against the government.

New ceasefire locks Ukraine into its escalating proxy war

17 February 2015
European and Ukrainian politicians signed a ceasefire with Russian president Vladimir Putin last week.

Germany blinks over Ukraine crisis

10 February 2015
The civil war in Ukraine has several dimensions. The first is the fighting on the ground. This is escalating despite last September’s Minsk ceasefire agreement, which was supposed to end it. 

Ukraine calls for Western arms

03 February 2015
The Ukrainian government is calling for Western military support as fighting with pro-Russian separatists in eastern Ukraine intensifies.

International round-up

04 November 2014
Beijing set for Hong Kong demo | Putin calls talks after election | Podemos tops poll in Spain

Pro-western oligarchs set to win majority in Ukraine elections

28 October 2014
Counting in Ukraine’s parliamentary election was ongoing as Socialist Worker went to press.

More clashes in eastern Ukraine

16 September 2014
Heavy fighting raged between the Ukrainian military and pro-Russian separatist forces last weekend, despite a ceasefire being in place since 5 September.

US power is in crisis from Iraq to Ukraine

09 September 2014
Amid the hubbub of media and official commentary on and denunciation of the jihadi Islamic State (Isis), only one thing is clear—no one has a clue what to do.

New Nato 'strike force' ratchets up tensions in Ukraine

02 September 2014
Western leaders hope to set up a new Nato “quick-strike force” in an attempt to strengthen their position against Russia.

Ukraine crisis and the two imperialisms

02 September 2014
The Ukraine crisis is a paradoxical situation—a conflict between two imperial powers, both of which see themselves as acting defensively, writes Alex Callinicos

Second Russian convoy due in Ukraine

26 August 2014
Russia will send another “humanitarian aid” convoy to Ukraine in the next few days, foreign minister Sergey Lavrov has said. 

Fighting intensifies in eastern Ukraine as rival powers trade sanctions

19 August 2014
Heavy fighting is continuing between government and pro-Russian separatist forces in eastern Ukraine.

International round-up

29 July 2014
Nigeria kills five at Gaza demo | Fresh clashes in eastern Ukraine | Libya descends further in chaos

Imperialist rivalry is to blame for MH17 plane deaths

22 July 2014
Malaysian Airlines flight MH17 was shot down in eastern Ukraine above territory held by pro-Russian separatists on Thursday of last week.

International round-up

15 July 2014
Union mocks the bosses in South Africa | US intervenes after Afghan election | New threat despite stalemate in Ukraine

Balancing act for Ukraine's new leader Petro Poroshenko

27 May 2014
Petro Poroshenko, owner of Ukraine’s biggest chocolate company, is Ukraine's new president-elect.

Votes make secession more likely in eastern Ukraine

13 May 2014
Two Ukrainian provinces voted for independence in a referendum last weekend. 

Violent clashes in lead-up to Ukraine breakaway polls

06 May 2014
Ukraine lurched closer to civil war this week. Ukrainian soldiers, pro-Russian fighters and civilians were killed and injured when Ukrainian government troops stepped up attacks against rebels in the eastern town of Slovyansk.

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