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Mass protests continue in Ukraine over European Union integration

17 December 2013
In the fourth week of protests 200,000 people took to the streets of Kiev on Sunday of last week.

Riot cops surround Ukrainian parliament as confrontation comes to a head

10 December 2013
The confrontation in Kiev is coming to a head and the opposition is divided, writes Simon Basketter

Protesters shake government in Ukraine

03 December 2013
Mass Protests were loosening president Viktor Yanukovych’s control of Ukraine as Socialist Worker went to press. 

Chernobyl: The day we almost lost Europe

12 April 2011
The world’s worst nuclear disaster took place 25 years ago when a nuclear reactor exploded at Chernobyl, in Ukraine, on

The Ukrainian trilogy: Earth, Zvenigora, Arsenal

22 February 2011
Revolutions do more than smash the old order, they transform culture and change the way we look at the world.

Fast Labour

15 April 2008
Fast Labour tells the story of Victor, a Ukrainian asylum seeker who has fled to Britain.

A very high price for Nato expansion

01 April 2008
George Bush arrived in Romania for a Nato summit this week backing applications from Ukraine and Georgia to join the US-led military alliance. The expansion of Nato to Russia’s borders has been key to the "new Cold War" between the US and Russia.

Chernobyl: a nuclear danger

22 April 2006
Twenty years ago, early on the morning of 26 April 1986, just over a mile from what was then a city of half a million people, the number four nuclear reactor at Chernobyl in Ukraine exploded. Lack of equipment and safety apparatus meant that the on-site staff underestimated the dangers.

Ukraine’s oranges turn bad

19 March 2005
The revolution has been privatised. Although the upheaval in Ukraine was driven by disgust at the authoritarianism and corruption of Leonid Kuchma’s regime, those who assumed leadership have very quietly, but very rapidly, embarked on an agenda of International Monetary Fund (IMF) restructuring and privatisation.

Lebanon protest backed by rich

05 March 2005
The US has hailed the resignation of the Lebanese government as part of a democratic wave sweeping the world. What they are calling the "cedar revolution"—modelled on the "orange revolution" in the Ukraine and the "rose revolution" in Georgia — is less a revolution and more a medium sized demonstration of the supporters of the opposition, which is mainly made up of right wing parties.

More corrupt than Saddam era

29 January 2005
EARLIER THIS month $300 million was taken out of the Iraq Central Bank in cash, and secretly flown to Beirut, Lebanon, in a chartered jet. The defence minister in Iraq’s interim government, Hazim al-Shalaan, authorised this withdrawal.Talking from Beirut, an aide to al-Shalaan explained the money was needed to buy arms from Poland, the Czech Republic, Turkey, Ukraine and the US and that it was approved by prime minister Iyad Allawi.

Ukraine: is the future orange?

11 December 2004
"BLISS IT was in that dawn to be alive." The crisis in Ukraine allowed the Guardian’s quasi-Thatcherite columnist Tim Garton Ash to rediscover his youth in the 1980s.

Ukraine’s Brutal History

04 December 2004
Ukraine means "borderland". It suggests a country far away from the heart of Europe. But many Ukrainians believe they live in the middle of Europe—and they have a point. The Ukraine may have a huge border with Russia, but it also touches Belarus, Poland, the Slovak Republic, Hungary and Romania, as well as Moldova.

What is at stake in the Ukraine

04 December 2004
What is the atmosphere like in Kiev today and what demands are the protesters making?

Election gives a glimpse of growing social turmoil

13 November 2004
UKRAINE IS in the midst of a general election.

Ukraine is pulling out...

23 October 2004
UKRAINE will begin withdrawing troops from Iraq regardless of the outcome of its presidential election at the end of next week.

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