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Disillusion with Biden sees Republicans win shock election victories

Disillusion with Biden sees Republicans win shock election victories A recent national poll found 44 percent strongly disapproved of Biden and only 19 percent strongly approved of the job he was doing.

Don’t mourn expired war criminal Colin Powell

Don’t mourn expired war criminal Colin Powell The “progressive” and “moderate” face of US mass murderers is dead. Colin Powell, who died on Monday, helped to sell the 2003 invasion of Iraq to the world.

The three phases of Biden’s presidency

The three phases of Biden’s presidency Six months into Joe Biden’s presidency, I would say attitudes towards him have gone through three phases—relief, surprise, and increasingly, disappointment.

Climate chaos sees heatwave and flood

Climate chaos sees heatwave and flood As people face extreme weather across Canada and the US, Sophie Squire explores the developing nature of the climate crisis

Derek Chauvin is guilty, and so is the whole rotten system

Derek Chauvin is guilty, and so is the whole rotten system If tens of millions of people had not taken to the streets and defied the cops then Floyd’s case would have been just another scandal covered up by a corrupt system

Beware of Biden’s empty promises

Beware of Biden’s empty promises  Joe Biden was set to become US president on Wednesday this week, but don’t think that means ­justice for black people or an end to attacks on workers.

Trump campaign tries to stamp on postal service

23 August 2020
The White House hopes that suppressing postal voting will deliver victory for Donald Trump in November’s presidential election.

Letters- 'We are determined to stay on the streets in Portland'

07 August 2020
Our protests In Portland started with the Minneapolis uprising and have continued every day for well over two months.

Atlanta rises up to fight the killer police

15 June 2020
Rage at the police killing of another black man has exploded onto the streets of Atlanta, Georgia, in the US. 

‘People want justice, it feels like a revolution is coming’

31 May 2020
Tanner Herndon was one of a group of people who blocked a freeway in Houston on Saturday during a protest after the killing of George Floyd. He told Socialist Worker what happened.

Racism and revolution in the United States

31 May 2020
Why 'black faces in high places' has failed to bring change, and what's the alternative

Rebellion against police murder tears through United States

30 May 2020
A rebellion against police brutality and institutional racism is gaining momentum as it roars across the United States. It is driven by anger at a system filled by inequality and racism.

Uprising grows against racist killings by US police

29 May 2020
A great revolt is taking place in the US. It is against police murders but also about the whole way black people are treated

Protesters demand justice for George Floyd

27 May 2020
Over a thousand furious people have taken to the streets of Minnesota to demand justice over the violent police murder of George Floyd.

Will US hegemony survive pandemic?

20 April 2020
Donald Trump's decision to withdraw United States funding for the World Health Organisation symbolises how the coronavirus pandemic has been dominated by national responses to what is a global problem. 

Bernie Sanders, the Democrats and the fears of the US establishment

29 February 2020
Key elections are coming for the Democratic Party nomination for US president. Can Bernie Sanders win, and what will this signify?

One-state solution is the only way to free Palestine

26 November 2019
The US announced last week that it considers Israeli settlements on Palestinian land to be legal.

The Politician—A satire that struggles to find its feet

08 October 2019
The Politician straddles high school drama and political satire—and does neither successfully until the end.

No more wars over oil

17 September 2019
Saudi Arabia and the US are driving closer to war with Iran, following drone strikes on Saudi Arabian oil plants last Saturday.

Democrats barred from Israel

20 August 2019
Israel barred two prominent US politicians from entry last week because of their support for Palestinians.

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