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The resistable rise of Donald Trump in US election

05 May 2016
No sensible person can react with anything but horror to billionaire thug Donald Trump becoming the near-certain Republican candidate for US president.

The Tories are in crisis over the EU - don't rescue them, exploit their crises

26 April 2016
It's been pleasant to watch the awkwardness of the right wing Leave campaigners over Barack Obama’s intervention in the Brexit debate.

Bernie Sanders sees "path to victory" after huge wins in three states

28 March 2016
BERNIE SANDERS, who calls himself a socialist, recorded three massive wins in contests last Saturday to choose the Democratic Party candidate for US president.

London protest for Michael Brown

02 September 2014
Protesters gathered outside the US embassy in London on Wednesday of last week to protest against police brutality in the wake of the killing of Michael Brown in Missouri. 

Eyewitness Ferguson - Fear and Fury at Michael Brown's funeral

26 August 2014
Judith Orr reports from the US city where cops murdered black teenager Michael Brown and speaks to its people about race, class and repression.

Walkouts for wages hit fast food chains across the US

10 December 2013
Fast food workers in cities across the US struck on Thursday of last week against poverty pay and for the right to be in a union.

Obama's desperate measures to get support for Syria attack

10 September 2013
Barack Obama is exposing the faultlines of US power as he goes all out to win a vote to attack Syria.

Rich used racism to divide ordinary people

16 April 2013
Martin Luther King was a young minister in the town of Montgomery, Alabama.

The bloody product of a violent society

16 April 2013
The bombing at the Boston marathon last Monday left at least three people dead and many more injured. 

Birmingham, Alabama, 1963: Freedom now!

16 April 2013
For five weeks television viewers around the world saw non-violent protesters, including young children, attacked by police with dogs and fire hoses. They saw Martin Luther King arrested and jailed. They saw white racist thugs lining up to batter  unarmed black people. And after they had seen all that they asked, how can this be happening in the heart of the “free world”?

Baha Mousa inquiry verdict is just the tip of the iceberg

31 December 2012
Iraqi Baha Mousa died as a result of his treatment at the hands of British troops, according to a public inquiry. This included "hooding" and being held in stress positions.

Video showing how British soldier treated Iraqi prisoners

08 September 2011
Video from evidence to Baha Mousa Inquiry showing British soldier's treatment of Iraqi prisoners.

Inquiry report does not provide justice for Baha Mousa

08 September 2011
An "appalling episode of serious, gratuitous violence" by the British army killed Baha Mousa in Iraq.

Baha Mousa case: British Army to be cleared of ‘systematic abuse’

30 August 2011
The inquiry into the death of Iraqi hotel worker Baha Mousa is expected to publish its final report next week.

Inquiry into death of Baha Mousa hears of 'horrific scene'

20 July 2010
The inquiry into the death of Baha Mousa heard this week that Colonel Mendonca, commander of 1st Battalion the Queen’s Lancashire Regiment, lied about the conditions of prisoners in Iraq.

Inquiry told British torture of Iraqi prisoners is rife

17 November 2009
The public inquiry into the death of Baha Mousa is exposing the vile brutality of the British occupation of Iraq.

Inquiry into Baha Mousa's death reveals army's culture of torture

20 October 2009
Baha Mousa died within 36 hours of being taken into British military custody during a raid on a hotel in Basra, Iraq, on 14 September 2003.

Afghans pay price of New Labour’s war

11 December 2007
The British media heralded the capture of Musa Qala, a town in Helmand province which has been under Taliban control for ten months, as a decisive turning point in the war in Afghanistan.

Lords rule that Iraqis have human rights

20 June 2007
The House of Lords ruled last week that European human rights law did apply to British troops serving in Iraq in the case of Baha Musa who died in their custody four years ago.

Court martial: there is ‘no case to answer’ over Baha Musa’s death

24 February 2007
Hotel receptionist Baha Musa was arrested by British soldiers, along with eight other Iraqis in September 2003.

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