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President Nicolas Maduro wins re-election

22 May 2018
Venezuela’s left wing president Nicolas Maduro was re-elected with 67.7 percent of the vote on Sunday.

Two parliaments vie for legitimacy in Venezuela as the US backs the right

22 August 2017
Diplomats representing the US, Britain, Spain, Mexico and other countries rallied around the right wing opposition in Venezuela last Saturday.

Four US-backed coups in Latin America—and two close shaves

20 August 2017
Bloody history shows why and how we need to keep imperialist hands off Venezuela

Who really tolerates tyrants?

08 August 2017
Politicians and pundits have whipped themselves up into moral outrage over Venezuelan “dictator”—or rather, elected president—Nicolas Maduro.

Military base attacked in Venezuela as right stoke violence against left wing government

06 August 2017
A raid on a Venezuelan military base has raised the threat of a military coup or outright civil war

Venezuela, struggle and the left

04 August 2017
As right wing opposition to Venezuela’s government grows, Andy Brown spoke to Tomáš Tengely-Evans about the forces on the ground and the potential to change society

Vote in Venezuela shows weakness of the right wing opposition to Maduro

01 August 2017
Elections to Venezuela’s new constituent assembly last Sunday saw long voting queues in poorer, more pro-government neighbourhoods.

Right mobilises in Venezuela as left wing president faces crisis

09 May 2017
For the second time in three years mass, violent protests by the right wing have provoked a political crisis in Venezuela.

Blame capitalism not socialism for Venezuela's crisis

30 August 2016
The right argue that if we vote for a socialist such as Jeremy Corbyn then Britain will end up like Venezuela. But Venezuela’s problem isn’t too much socialism—it’s not enough.

International round up: Protests against Syriza’s new austerity measures in Greece

24 May 2016
Greek MPs narrowly voted for a new round of austerity measures last Sunday to satisfy European Union (EU) and International Monetary Fund (IMF) blackmail.

Brazil: Workers Party crisis shows limit of left’s strategy

30 March 2016
As the right moves to overturn left governments in South America, important political arguments have been raised, writes Dave Sewell

Damnificados: a magical realist manifesto for the poor

23 February 2016
Debut novelist JJ Amaworo Wilson’s magical realist fable celebrates the ingenuity, tenacity and resistance of slum-dwellers.

Venezuela election shakes left government

08 December 2015
The right wing opposition won a large majority in Venezuela’s parliamentary elections last Sunday.

International round-up

17 March 2015
US president Barack Obama rushed to condemn the shooting of two police officers in Ferguson, Missouri, last week.

Clashes continue in Venezuela

11 March 2014
Protests and violent clashes continue in Venezuela. 

International round-up

11 March 2014
International Women's Day protests defend abortion rights in Spain | Anger after Nazi knifings in Sweden | Freed ex-Black Panther criticises trial | Clashes continue in Venezuela

Government supporters protest in Venezuela to mark uprising of 1989

04 March 2014
Supporters of the Venezuelan government rallied in Caracas last week to mark 25 years since the “Caracazo” uprising of 1989.

Old rulers in Venezuela see a chance for revenge

25 February 2014
The last two weeks in Venezuela have seen the right wing opposition mobilise street demonstrations

Right wing protests turn violent in Venezuela

18 February 2014
Wealthy students led right wing protests that turned violent in Venezuela last week. These included armed attacks on government buildings.

International round-up

21 May 2013
Protest in Italy, carnage in Iraq, shortages in Venezuela

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