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A close vote in Venezuela

16 April 2013
Hugo Chavez’s chosen successor, Nicolas Maduro, won the presidential election in Venezuela last Sunday.

Crisis grows as speculation surrounds Chavez's health

12 January 2013
Venezuela has been gripped by political crisis amid speculation that long serving left wing president Hugo Chavez could be at death’s door.

Chavez re-elected in Venezuela despite mounting problems for his Bolivarian revolution

08 October 2012
Hugo Chavez has been re-elected as president of Venezuela with just under 55 percent of the total vote—the lowest since he first took the presidency in 1998.

What will happen if Hugo Chavez goes?

19 July 2011
Hugo Chavez appeared on the presidential balcony in Caracas on 5 July, Venezuelan Independence Day. He is recovering from cancer and is obviously very ill.

Venezuela: election results are a warning

28 September 2010
Venezuela’s National Assembly looks very different today. The majority that backs President Hugo Chavez- elected in 2005 when the right did not present candidates – has been reduced from 147 to 99 seats.

Problems grow for Venezuela’s revolution

21 September 2010
Venezuela goes to the polls on 26 September to elect members its National Assembly.

The First International was forged in struggle

02 February 2010
Venezuela’s president Hugo Chavez has called for the formation of a Fifth International to unite socialists around the world.

Venezuela: revolution stalled

22 September 2009
Every Sunday at 11am, Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez welcomes Venezuelans to "Alo Presidente" on the country’s state-run television and radio stations.

Latin America: wounds that haven’t healed

07 July 2009
The radical Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez presented Barack Obama with the book Open Veins of Latin America, one of the continent’s most important political works, during the Summit of the Americas in April.

Hugo Chavez faces his demons in Venezuela

26 May 2009
Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez has announced that a number of multinational metal companies are to be nationalised. This follows the government take over of several oil companies, ports, airports and some food producing firms.

Chavez wins Venezuela referendum

17 February 2009
Just after 9pm last Sunday a crowd erupted into cries of joy in Venezuela's capital, Caracas. They were gathered on Urdaneta Avenue, the street that runs alongside the presidential palace, and had just heard the announcement that President Hugo Chavez had won a hard-fought referendum on a constitutional amendment.

Campaigning for Venezuela's referendum

11 February 2009
Last Saturday two marches started in the huge barrio of Petare, in Venezuela's capital Caracas.

Red Oil: profits, poverty and redistribution in Venezuela

03 February 2009
Imagine going into work to find a government supporter urging you through a megaphone to "say no to imperialism" and defend "our beautiful revolution".

Venezuelan election reveals growing tensions

25 November 2008
Venezuela went to the polls last Sunday supposedly to elect new state governors and mayors. In reality the election was a confidence vote in left wing president Hugo Chavez.

The stakes in Venezuela get ever higher for Chavez

26 August 2008
One of the striking things about life in Venezuela is the level of passionate political debate. Squares on Sunday mornings fill with people talking about current issues and the way forward for society.

Fiesta - Simon Bolivar Youth Orchestra of Venezuela

10 June 2008
The Simon Bolivar Youth Orchestra wowed audiences and critics alike when they played in Britain last year.

Venezuela-Colombia conflict sheds light on US imperialism

06 March 2008
George Bush waded into the growing inter-governmental crisis in Latin America earlier this week by expressing the US’s unqualified support for the Colombian president Alvaro Uribe.

Venezuela: the street vs the elite

15 January 2008
"Fatherland, socialism, or death." With these words, Hugo Chavez just over a year ago took the oath as president of Venezuela following a triumphant re-election campaign.

Questions mark the birth of Hugo Chavez’s new party

24 July 2007
The "socialist battalions" of Venezuela’s new political party met last week in open assembly in various districts of the capital Caracas. This is to be repeated across Venezuela.

Marco Antonio García interview: questions for the Venezuelan revolution

17 July 2007
Can you tell me something about UNT, the Venezuelan national trade union federation that you belong to?

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