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A long way from Vietnam

A long way from Vietnam In A Long Way From Vietnam, BBC journalist Nga Pham looks at why Vietnamese migration is the second highest in Britain.

How the spy cops were set up to infiltrate the left

How the spy cops were set up to infiltrate the left Parliament and the press fumed with growing paranoia as the revolts of 1968 entered Britain.

New Spike Lee film explores legacy and trauma of Vietnam War

New Spike Lee film explores legacy and trauma of Vietnam War Da 5 Bloods follows a group of disillusioned black veterans as they return to Vietnam—and confront decades of racism and rage

Racist violence grew from Vietnam war, says new book

Racist violence grew from Vietnam war, says new book From US racist shooter Dylan Roof to Norwegian Nazi Anders Breivik, terror attacks by whites are portrayed as “inexplicable acts carried out by one or a few actors”.

Go and see The Post, but it isn’t quite first class viewing

Go and see The Post, but it isn’t quite first class viewing The Pentagon Papers exposed the US lies about Vietnam by successive governments. The battle to publish them could be gripping, says?Sam Lorde

Vietnam's blow to US empire

Vietnams blow to US empire In January 1968 Vietnamese resistance fighters inflicted a shattering defeat to US prestige. The Tet Offensive sent shockwaves across the world, writes Alistair Farrow

Vietnam—a graveyard for the US’s imperial ambitions

26 September 2017
A new ten-part documentary sets itself up as the definitive account of the Vietnam War. It brings out new voices and footage, but obscures the truth

A world with no wars

08 December 2015
It’s possible—if we understand what makes them. Tomáš Tengely-Evans takes aim at imperialism

Iraq: how the west lost

21 March 2013
Iraq was supposed to be the war that finally erased the memory of defeat in Vietnam. Instead, says Simon Assaf, ten years on it is clear that the conflict dealt another blow to imperialism

Tragedy explores mental illness and racism: but i cd only whisper

20 November 2012
Bold and fragile in equal measures, the new play "but i cd only whisper" explores the psyche of a black Vietnam war veteran after he allegedly commits a terrible crime. It delves into the history of a man whose war began long before he joined the army.

The Sapphires: drama that sets out racism faced by Aborigines

13 November 2012
1968. Riots and revolution. Vietnam. Soul music. The elements that make up director Wayne Blair’s film The Sapphires have been done before—but never in quite this way.

At last an end to the 'wasted years'

10 May 2011
The legendary soul singer Marvin Gaye famously asked, "What’s Going On?" His 1971 album examined the US’s involvement in the Vietnam War.

Kent State: When US state shot down American students

27 April 2010
On 4 May 1970, the United States National Guard shot dead four students at Kent State University in Ohio – triggering a wave of rage that spread across the US.

Shaped by War: Photographs by Don McCullin

16 February 2010
McCullin is famous for his photographs of the Vietnam war. But he also photographed many of the other conflicts that have shaped the modern era.

New challenges for US movement against war

03 November 2009
The quagmire in Afghanistan is worse than it has ever been. But the US anti-war movement finds itself in a desperately floundering situation, unable to adequately mobilise protest activity around Barack Obama’s Vietnam.

Winter Soldier | Sir! No Sir! | FTA

17 February 2009
This is a long awaited chance to get hold of three classic films about the hidden history of US troops in the Vietnam War.

Afghanistan: war is ‘tougher than Vietnam’ for US

10 February 2009
The US has admitted that winning the war in Afghanistan will be "tougher than Vietnam".

Video of Adrian Mitchell at the Royal Albert Hall in 1965

28 December 2008
Anti-Vietnam war poetry reading

US voices for change

11 November 2008
Jim Baldridge – Vietnam Veterans Against the War, Baltimore ‘I went with a busload of union members from Maryland to Richmond, Virginia, to support the Obama campaign.

Waged London: photographer Larry Herman on his new project

04 March 2008
Larry Herman was born in New York, and moved to Britain during the Vietnam War. Since then he has lived in Glasgow and Sheffield, but mostly in London.

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