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Liberation of Saigon inspires struggles today

05 May 2005
The coverage of the liberation of Saigon by Vietnamese fighters 30 years ago is a reminder of the inspiration of that victorious struggle against US imperialism

Coming events

05 May 2005
Friday 13 MayLaunch of Socialist Film Club with a showing of classic Vietnam documentary Hearts and Minds, introduced by Jonathan Neale, 7pm, University College London, Gower Street WC1 (Euston Square tube). Price £5/£3. Phone 020 7637 1848 for tickets.

Vietnam — the war that won’t end

30 April 2005
The front page news in New York City last week was former senator Bob Kerrey’s announcement that he was considering a campaign for mayor next year against incumbent Michael Bloomberg. Kerrey (not to be confused with fellow Democrat John Kerry) is a famous war hero — winner of the Congressional Medal of Honour, the US’s highest military decoration.

Paul Wolfowitz: laughing all the way to the World Bank

26 March 2005
In late 1967, at the height of the Vietnam War, US president Lyndon Johnson appointed his secretary of defence, Robert MacNamara, as president of the World Bank.

Who says?

27 November 2004
"So went eight days of combat for this Iraq city, the most sustained period of street to street fighting that Americans have encountered since the Vietnam War. The proximity gave the fighting hellish intensity, with soldiers often close enough to see the enemies in the eyes."

Who is John Kerry?

13 October 2004
KERRY’S THE guy who made a fiery anti-war speech the day he left Yale, then promptly signed up to fight in Vietnam. He’s the guy who wouldn’t throw away his own combat medals at an anti-war demonstration, but borrowed some from a friend to toss over the fence.

Marvin Gaye: trouble man

02 October 2004
MARVIN GAYE’S seminal album What’s Going On is one of the most popular albums of all time. Recorded in 1971, its multi-track vocals, complex musical score, and fusion of soul and jazz create a wonderful soundscape. Over the top Marvin sings a series of gut-wrenching songs that are laments for the Vietnam War, pollution, drug addiction, corrupt governments and the miseries of ghetto life.

‘It’s far graver than Vietnam’

25 September 2004
‘This is far graver than Vietnam. There wasn’t as much at stake strategically there, though in both cases we mindlessly went ahead with a war that was not constructive for US aims.

Vietnam veterans join march against Bush

04 September 2004
VETERANS AND serving members of the US armed forces joined this week’s protests at the Republican convention in New York.

After the massacre comes the cover-up

27 May 2004
THE MY Lai massacre was one of the US army's most notorious war crimes. On the morning of 16 March 1968 the soldiers of Charlie Company marched into the Vietnamese village of My Lai. Three hours later they had massacred over 500 people-men, women, children and babies.

Alessandro Pelizarri of Attac: 'The G8 creates world injustice'

08 May 2004
The world is still a system of nations and governments, dominated by imperialism and with contradictions between these governments. The history of the G8 is the history of the most powerful nations trying to come to common solutions to problems-but also a history of tensions between them. The G8 was created in 1975 -f irst as G5 and growing to G8. It was set up at the start of a global recession and just after the US lost the Vietnam War. There are four periods in the development of the G8. The years 1975 to 1977 were the period of looking for Keynesian solutions-looking for new areas in which to invest. The G8 countries invested large amounts of capital in the south. At the end of the 19

How the US lost the war in Vietnam

17 April 2004
AS 1968 began, the top US military leader General Westmoreland declared, \"We have reached an important point where the end begins to come into view\" and talked of \"light at the end of the tunnel\". Within a few weeks all that had changed, and the world knew that the US was facing a bloody and unwinnable war in Vietnam.

A new weapon in the fight to stop the war

06 March 2004
"THIS NEW video will be an excellent resource for people to use in Stop the War meetings," says school student and anti-war activist Ed Cope from Cambridge. "The makers of this film have managed to bring together material from leading members of the anti-war movement. It slots together interviews with footage from British news and Al Jazeera and film from the Vietnam War. "The nasty face of US and British imperialism is portrayed with powerful images. Nothing is more disturbing than the images from Iraq-the scalps of children in pools of blood, burnt bodies in crushed cars and men being thrust to the ground by soldiers, with plastic sacks over their heads and their hands bound behind

Panic over Iraq hits the White House

22 November 2003
US FORCES have been occupying Baghdad for just eight months. But already the US faces a situation as serious as that which confronted it after the Tet Offensive in Vietnam in 1968.

Science: Does big business control it?

18 October 2003
STEVEN ROSE is one of Britain's best-known scientists and he has written many popular books on science. He is a lifelong socialist and a politically committed activist, opposing the US war on Vietnam in the 1960s through to opposing the war on Iraq.

How they lost before

27 September 2003
It's like Vietnam-but it is happening so much quicker

This IS Vietnam Mark 2

13 September 2003
EVERY DAY brings more horror for the Iraqi people. US soldiers killed 18 year old Farah Fadhil two weeks ago when they threw a grenade through her window. Her legs were shredded, her hands burnt and punctured by strips of metal. She had been walking to her window to try to plead with soldiers who were spraying bullets at her apartment.

Spectre of Vietnam haunts US in Iraq

26 July 2003
Tens of thousands of protesters marched against the US occupation of Iraq in Najaf last weekend. They chanted slogans such as "No Americans after today", "No to America. No to colonialism" and "Down with the invaders".

We'd better nuke them to save them

26 July 2003
"TO SAVE the village it was necessary to destroy it," was one of the most sickening phrases to emerge from the mouths of US army spokesmen during the Vietnam War in the 1960s.

Iraq gets more like Vietnam every day

28 June 2003
A TOP US general is already comparing the occupation of Iraq to the "quagmire" the US sank into in Vietnam. The US had "failed to understand the mindset and attitudes of the Iraqi people and the depth of hostility towards the US in much of the country", admitted retired general William Nash last weekend.

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