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Letters—Abandoning restrictions in hospitals will be deadly

12 October 2021
The Tories are now unleashing the “herd immunity” strategy they always wanted as a way of dealing with Covid.

Union leader Sarah Woolley defends split from Labour

09 October 2021
‘Let’s be clear, we have disaffiliated from Labour but Bfawu will try to be more political after what’s happened, not less.

Labour council’s choice to hundreds of residents—‘move over 100 miles or face homelessness’

06 October 2021
A Labour-run council in east London has forced hundreds of residents to move more than 100 miles away—or face homelessness.

A BBC documentary that wants to reheat Blairism

05 October 2021
This is the story of Blairism as Tony Blair himself would like it to be told

The Sun rises on Starmer’s appeal to media and bosses

05 October 2021
Labour leader Keir Starmer wants to rub the left’s face in its defeat after his victories at the party’s conference last week.

Why struggle is more important than parliament

02 October 2021
For the Labour left the movements outside of parliament are important but always secondary. Nick Clark explains why the party holds even its most militant members back

Keir Starmer’s speech signals decisive break rightwards

29 September 2021
Most symbolically of all, he praised the governments of Tony Blair and Gordon Brown. There was support for the cops, the military and British nationalism.

Food workers union’s break with Labour shows there’s alternative to ‘unity’ with Starmer

29 September 2021
The Bfawu union of food workers voted on Tuesday break from the Labour Party after more than a century.

Starmer celebrates as left is sidelined at conference

29 September 2021
For Keir Starmer, Labour ­­conference was his chance to prove to MPs and the press he had beaten the left and could make the party “electable.”

Workers’ struggle, not parliament is the key

28 September 2021
The Tories’ brutal attacks on working class people are accelerating.

Labour delegates support Palestine—but leadership backs Israel and imperialist wars

27 September 2021
Labour’s members and its party leadership are pulling in two different directions on questions of war, imperialism and rights for Palestinians.

Letters—Starmer will snatch influence away from Labour members

27 September 2021

Labour right crows as conference votes to give MPs more power

27 September 2021
MPs will now be able to stop a left wing candidate ever standing for the party leadership again.

Labour faces two ways on climate action, but Starmer rejects radical measures

26 September 2021
Starmer has already insisted Labour will not nationalise any of the “big six” energy companies.

Labour left debates way forward as it faces losing battle at conference

25 September 2021
In the first of our reports from Labour Party conference in Brighton, Nick Clark looks at where next for the left

Starmer’s ‘vision’—warmed up Blairism and empty waffle

23 September 2021
Instead of being named The Road Ahead, Starmer's essay should have been called The Road Backwards.

Labour uses transphobia in an appeal to right and Tory voters

21 September 2021
The Labour Party is throwing oppressed people under the bus in a bid to win over Tory voters.

Letters—Unions should boost climate fight, not back nuclear power

20 September 2021
​​​​​​​I believe the NEU union was wrong to support the GMB’s motion on climate change at this years TUC congress.

Labour conference won’t give members a real say

19 September 2021
Labour Party conference is approaching. Nick Clark investigates its limitations and talks to left Labour activists about what they think this year’s will bring

Keir Starmer’s speech woos union leaders but offers too little to workers

14 September 2021
Labour leader Keir Starmer promised very little for workers and rank and file trade unionists when he spoke to the TUC union congress on Tuesday.

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