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Labour’s troubles in Batley and Spen are damning indictment of Starmer

28 June 2021
The Batley and Spen by-election was set to deliver a shock this week. But it wasn't clear what the shock would be.

LETTERS—John Bercow joining Labour signals its rightward shift

26 June 2021
The shadow Justice minister Karl Turner is “delighted” that the last speaker of the House of Commons, John Bercow has defected from the Tories to join Labour. This is a view strangely echoed by John McDonnell.

Does the Tories’ by-election hammering show ‘progressive alliance’ is the answer?

20 June 2021
The Liberal Democrats’ win in the Chesham and Amersham by-election has sparked hopes that the Tories’ “blue wall” of seats in the south of England is collapsing.

Letters—Scotland failing on climate target as Cop26 approaches

18 June 2021
It's particularly outrageous as Glasgow will host this year’s UN climate conference in November.

Batley and Spen by-election spells further disaster for Starmer

17 June 2021
The Labour Party is in trouble in the Batley and Spen by-election—and it deserves to be in trouble.

Keir Starmer drives people away from Labour

15 June 2021
There was more evidence this week that Keir Starmer is both alienating and repulsing sections of people who previously supported Labour.

Keir Starmer woos union tops

08 June 2021
Union conference season is in full swing, so Labour leader Keir Starmer is schmoozing the bureaucrats

LETTERS—Rise in Green vote cannot hide party’s contradictions

17 May 2021
What should we make of the rise of the Green Party in the recent elections?

Who is working class?

17 May 2021
A debate is raging about the attributes that make us working class to try and understand why some are losing faith in the Labour Party. Isabel Ringrose explores what really defines class.

Do the election results mean that class is dead?

11 May 2021
Elections in Britain last week have led to announcements of the death of class and the end of a clear divide between “left and right”.

The Labour left is angry with Starmer, but pushes a failed project of ‘unity’

11 May 2021
Left wing Labour MPs responded to the election results by appealing to Keir Starmer to bring them back into the fold. Meanwhile, Starmer prepared a further shift to the right.

Hartlepool and beyond—what went wrong with Labour’s vote?

10 May 2021
After Labour’s disastrous showing in Hartlepool and in the local elections, Nick Clark asks why so many working class people have turned away from the party

Tories celebrate local election results while Starmer signals further shift to right

08 May 2021
The Tories are celebrating following Thursday’s local elections in England. 

Marxism 2021 online event debates where next for the left

08 May 2021
A weekend of discussion brought socialists together in the aftermath of elections that underlined Labour's failings

Labour’s turn to the right fails in Hartlepool by-election

07 May 2021
The result should be proof that working class people are not easily won over by flag-waving and pledges of support for the army and the cops.

Boris Johnson’s crimes deserve full reckoning

04 May 2021
“These were always going to be difficult elections for us. We’re not expecting miracles on Thursday night.” Those were the words of Labour’s shadow foreign secretary Lisa Nandy on Sunday—at the end of a week of scandal and crisis for the Tories.

LETTERS—How medical monopolies wreck the lives of millions

04 May 2021
The vaccine rollout is a cause for celebration for many, but it also shines a spotlight on Western domination over the Global South.

The Troublemaker — UPS takes spy in the cab to a whole new exploitative level

27 April 2021
A worker for delivery firm UPS has revealed a hellish new surveillance plan from bosses.

Who should socialists vote for on 6 May?

20 April 2021
For revolutionaries, although elections matter, the battle on the streets and in the workplaces is always more important

Hartlepool–Labour in trouble

10 April 2021
In years gone by the Labour Party could take the votes in the north east of England for granted. But, reports Nick Clark, next month’s Hartlepool by-election could show just how out of touch the party now is with its former heartlands

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