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Has Jeremy Corbyn been sunk by the claims he is antisemitic?

05 March 2019
Every capitulation to attacks by the media and the right simply feeds the frenzy for more lies.

The fantastic fictional life of Jeremy Corbyn

05 March 2019
Nick Clark suffers the inaccuracies and smears in a new book about Jeremy Corbyn

Desperate May scrambles to offer cash for EU votes

05 March 2019
Desperate Theresa May offered “left behind” towns in England a £1.6 billion funding bribe on Monday.

Labour rows expose electoralism’s limits

05 March 2019
The formation of The Independent Group (TIG) by breakaway Labour and Tory MPs is a sign of the extent to which the two-party system is buckling under the pressures of Brexit.

‘I stood up to Blairite Ian Austin over Palestine and won’

03 March 2019
Dudley activist Paul Jonson was suspended from work over a Facebook post where he said Israel was a “racist endeavour”. He had joined a lobby of local MP Ian Austin. An unapologetic campaign won his reinstatement.

Jewish Labour activist threatened after challenging accusations of antisemitism

01 March 2019
Threats to Naomi Wimborne-Idrissi came at the end of a week of onslaught against the left in the Labour Party

Labour leadership caves in to antisemitism smears against MP Chris Williamson

27 February 2019
The Labour Party has capitulated to intense pressure from the right and suspended MP Chris Williamson for standing up to smears against the left.

Corbyn backs down to big business demands over Brexit

26 February 2019
The Labour Party’s left wing leaders have given in to pressure from the right to support calls for a second Brexit referendum.

Two struggles by workers in Birmingham trigger a crisis for Labour council

26 February 2019
Birmingham saw hundreds of workers strike together last week against attacks from their Labour council.

The right wing Labour split to attack Jeremy Corbyn and Palestine

26 February 2019
Right wing Labour MPs are using accusations of antisemitism up ramp up the pressure on Jeremy Corbyn.

Labour is wrong to back second referendum

25 February 2019
The Labour Party’s left wing leaders have given in to pressure from the right to support calls for a second Brexit referendum.

Antisemitism is a far right ideology

25 February 2019
Antisemitic conspiracy theories have nothing to do with the politics of Jeremy Corbyn, with his history of anti-racist and anti-imperialist campaigning, let alone that of the Marxist left

Labour—a party of conflict

24 February 2019
Tensions inside Labour aren’t a result of Corbynism, but of fundamental differences within a party that tries to both maintain and challenge the state

No concessions to breakaway MPs and slurs about antisemitism

22 February 2019
The resignation of two more Labour MPs this week are designed to pile further pressure on Jeremy Corbyn.

Centre group is formed on shrinking ground

18 February 2019
Finally, all the rumours of a new centre party have given birth to—a mouse

Right wing split from Labour peddles reheated Blairism

18 February 2019
The Independent Group's new politics looks remarkably similar to the old politics

Labour left buckles in face of right’s antisemitism smears

12 February 2019
The row inside Liverpool Labour Party shows the right aren’t going to back down from using accusations of antisemitism to silence the left and criticism of Israel, writes Nick Clark

Labour’s Brexit plan is a mistaken concession to the bosses’ agenda

08 February 2019
Jeremy Corbyn has written to Theresa May suggesting a five-point plan to deliver Brexit. And shadow chancellor John McDonnell has said that, unless May accepts the plan, there should be a second referendum.

Why does Labour give in to myths about immigration?

01 February 2019
Labour failed to stop the Tories’ racist Immigration Bill last week. Nick Clark argues it’s more than a fear of losing votes that leads the party towards supporting immigration controls

Labour’s shameful betrayal of migrants

29 January 2019
 Labour had a chance to stop a major racist Tory attack on migrants this week. It failed

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