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Labour sinks into mess of its own making

16 September 2008
Labour goes into its annual conference this week mired in a civil war over whether Gordon Brown will remain as leader.

Ideology behind Gordon Brown’s ‘death wish’

09 September 2008
Has there ever been a government with as great a death wish as this one?

Labour in turmoil as recession looms

02 September 2008
New Labour has finally admitted what millions have known for months – that the country is sailing towards recession and government ministers have no solution to the crisis.

Scottish Labour leadership contenders stick to Brown’s script

19 August 2008
The spin from inside New Labour is that the party leadership accepts that it will lose the forthcoming Westminster by-election in Glenrothes to the Scottish National Party (SNP). It would be a shocking indictment of New Labour to lose yet another rock solid Labour seat.

A change in direction for Labour is not on the table

05 August 2008
New Labour is collapsing into civil war. Gordon Brown’s premiership is surrounded by turmoil and the party’s poll ratings seem to be entering freefall.

Labour’s tumbling membership: thousands have lost their political home

05 August 2008
New Labour admitted in a submission to the Electoral Commission that, at the end of last year, its official membership was 176,891 – the lowest figure since 1900.

Labour’s Glasgow East defeat is down to policies

29 July 2008
Labour’s defeat in Glasgow East last week was historic. The constituency is one of Labour’s heartlands.

Warwick forum: Bailing out Brown in return for empty policy promises

22 July 2008
Labour will hold its national policy forum at Warwick university on Friday, the day after the Glasgow East by-election.

New Labour wants your money

15 July 2008
Gordon Brown’s Labour Party is bankrupt. The millionaires who secretly lent money to Labour in the run up to the 2005 election are asking for their cash back.

Labour MPs’ expensive principles

08 July 2008
Socialist Worker would like to apologise. In the past we have suggested that Labour MPs were spineless cowards who would never rebel. But last week 146 of them did.

Labour’s crisis: Gordon Brown tells us to eat the scraps

08 July 2008
Gordon Brown will arrive back from the G8 summit in Japan to face growing speculation that his days as prime minister are numbered.

Unions could demand so much more from Labour

01 July 2008
The Labour Party has avoided bankruptcy for the moment – at least financially – with the aid of city financiers.

Gordon Brown faces a new crisis in Scotland

01 July 2008
Following the Labour Party losing its deposit and coming fifth in last week’s Henley by-election, senior Scottish Labour officials now fear that they will lose the Glasgow East by-election, which will be called later this month.

Nye Bevan’s capitulation and the left’s defeat

03 June 2008
The defeat of the Labour government in 1951 led to a huge convulsion in the party.

Labour’s ‘Great betrayal’ led to the brink of collapse

27 May 2008
The Labour Party is currently facing a deep crisis. This is not the first time it has faced such turmoil in its 100 years of history.

Living in New Labour’s bubble world

27 May 2008
There is a topsy-turvy world where people seriously believe that the problem with Gordon Brown is that he’s too left wing. It’s a world inhabited by Blairites such as Phil Collins, who works for the pensions minister James Purnell.

Labour routed in Crewe & Nantwich after right wing campaign

23 May 2008
New Labour was routed in the Crewe & Nantwich by-election because Labour voters wanted to punish Gordon Brown. The decision to increase taxes for some of the poorest paid and for many pensioners topped the list of grievances but working class people are seeing prices soar as this government tries to hold wage rises below inflation.

Which way now for the left?

20 May 2008
The collapse of the Labour vote and the resurgence of the Tories in the recent local elections sent a shiver down the spine of millions and should have sounded the death knell for New Labour.

New Labour lurches right towards a deeper crisis

13 May 2008
"Soft on yobs" is how New Labour is attacking the Tory frontrunner in the Crewe & Nantwich by-election campaign.

The failed strategy of reclaiming Labour for the left

06 May 2008
The alternative of "reclaiming" Labour has proved a dead end.

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