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Labour MPs’ expensive principles

08 July 2008
Socialist Worker would like to apologise. In the past we have suggested that Labour MPs were spineless cowards who would never rebel. But last week 146 of them did.

Gordon Brown faces a new crisis in Scotland

01 July 2008
Following the Labour Party losing its deposit and coming fifth in last week’s Henley by-election, senior Scottish Labour officials now fear that they will lose the Glasgow East by-election, which will be called later this month.

Unions could demand so much more from Labour

01 July 2008
The Labour Party has avoided bankruptcy for the moment – at least financially – with the aid of city financiers.

Nye Bevan’s capitulation and the left’s defeat

03 June 2008
The defeat of the Labour government in 1951 led to a huge convulsion in the party.

Living in New Labour’s bubble world

27 May 2008
There is a topsy-turvy world where people seriously believe that the problem with Gordon Brown is that he’s too left wing. It’s a world inhabited by Blairites such as Phil Collins, who works for the pensions minister James Purnell.

Labour’s ‘Great betrayal’ led to the brink of collapse

27 May 2008
The Labour Party is currently facing a deep crisis. This is not the first time it has faced such turmoil in its 100 years of history.

Labour routed in Crewe & Nantwich after right wing campaign

23 May 2008
New Labour was routed in the Crewe & Nantwich by-election because Labour voters wanted to punish Gordon Brown. The decision to increase taxes for some of the poorest paid and for many pensioners topped the list of grievances but working class people are seeing prices soar as this government tries to hold wage rises below inflation.

Which way now for the left?

20 May 2008
The collapse of the Labour vote and the resurgence of the Tories in the recent local elections sent a shiver down the spine of millions and should have sounded the death knell for New Labour.

New Labour lurches right towards a deeper crisis

13 May 2008
"Soft on yobs" is how New Labour is attacking the Tory frontrunner in the Crewe & Nantwich by-election campaign.

Nature of Labour is at root of crisis

06 May 2008
Every previous Labour government has provoked a major rebellion from the left after it betrayed the hopes that had led to its election.

Right wing policies to blame for Gordon Brown’s rout

06 May 2008
New Labour was thrown into disarray last week after polling its worst election results in 40 years in local council elections in England and Wales and losing the high profile election for London mayor to Tory candidate Boris Johnson.

The failed strategy of reclaiming Labour for the left

06 May 2008
The alternative of "reclaiming" Labour has proved a dead end.

Wales: more disaster in Labour’s heartlands

06 May 2008
In an echo of the general trend, Labour lost over a quarter of the seats it was defending in the elections in Wales.

Tony Blair’s malign influence

06 May 2008
Time magazine has just revealed a list of who it believes are the 100 most influential people in the world.

Who Says?

06 May 2008
‘Labour has become the stupid party – dumb, directionless, depressing.’Guardian columnist Polly Toynbee gives her take on the election aftermath

Eleven years on from Labour's 1997 victory - how hope turned to despair

06 May 2008
The appalling election results last week have sparked a refreshing, if slightly panicked, debate inside the Labour Party.

Backlash hits New Labour

06 May 2008
Simmering anger at years of New Labour policies that promote war, privatisation and inequality boiled over last week as Gordon Brown presided over his party’s worst local election results in decades.

New Labour takes a hammering in council elections, May 2008

02 May 2008
Local council elections across much of England and Wales yesterday saw Labour’s worst electoral results for 40 years. The party polled just 24 percent of the vote and came in third, losing around 300 councillors.

Labour in crisis as anger rises at government's attacks on workers

22 April 2008
Class politics returned to Britain this week as 450,000 workers prepared to take strike action against Gordon Brown’s 2 percent pay limit.

Turmoil leads to growing debate in Labour

22 April 2008
The growing Labour rebellion is adding to the government’s crisis.

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