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Gordon Brown’s government: liars, cheats and thieves

04 December 2007
Gordon Brown is facing a crisis over donations to government ministers and their various election campaigns – it is a crisis that goes to the very heart of the New Labour "project".

Surrey councillor Peter Longhurst hands in his Labour Party membership card

27 November 2007
Longstanding Surrey councillor and postal worker Peter Longhurst this week resigned from the Labour Party after more than two decades of membership.

Chasing funds from millionaires… New Labour is up for sale

27 November 2007
This is a government which touts for cash from big business – and a government which acts on behalf of big business.

New Labour sleaze: A shabby history of 'friends in the north'

27 November 2007
The shady funding of the Labour Party by rich business bosses was thrown into the spotlight this week.

The tangled history of Labour and the trade unions

02 October 2007
Why do trade union leaders echo widespread anger at the Labour government, yet also seem determined to support a Labour Party that is hell-bent on attacking working people?

Labour conference: we deserve better than Brown’s plans for Britain

25 September 2007
Gordon Brown got his four minute standing ovation at the Labour Party conference. But that won’t be enough to deal with the disgust and disquiet millions of people feel at what his government has done – at home and abroad.

Who says?

25 September 2007
"Tony Blair has now left office, he’s gone. The other architect of New Labour is taking the project forwards."Peter Mandelson, on Gordon Brown

Four issues Gordon Brown won’t solve

25 September 2007
Public sector pay "Gordon Brown praises public services but fails to mention his plans to make millions of public sector workers suffer pay cuts. He wants to impose a 2 percent pay limit on us all. That’s one reason why postal workers are striking next week, and why thousands of other workers want to join the fight."

New Labour ousts key anti-war MP, Bob Wareing

18 September 2007
Veteran anti-war Labour MP Bob Wareing has vowed to stand against New Labour after his constituency party deselected him from his Merseyside seat last week in favour of former minister Stephen Twigg.

Gordon Brown – a change of style, but not of policies

17 July 2007
Gordon Brown’s first few days in 10 Downing Street have been marked by his determination to tippex Tony Blair out of history and distinguish himself politically from his predecessor.

Council of bosses at the heart of power

03 July 2007
When Gordon Brown became prime minister he pledged to be an inclusive leader.

New Labour leader Gordon Brown spurns calls to move leftwards

26 June 2007
Millions of people in Britain will have been pleased to see the back of Tony Blair as prime minister. Many will have greeted Gordon Brown’s start as premier as an opportunity to put an end to the failed New Labour policies of war and privatisation.

Protest at Gordon Brown's London hustings

07 June 2007
Anti-war protesters and workers from the threatened Remploy factories for disabled people lobbied the Labour Party hustings for Gordon Brown and the deputy leader contenders on Thursday.

Growing disillusionment and fury at lack of Labour party democracy

22 May 2007
The failure of John McDonnell to get onto the ballot paper for Labour leadership, and the lack of democracy in the Labour Party, has opened up a big debate among people in and around the party.

Anger as Margaret Hodge’s outburst boosts the BNP

22 May 2007
Labour Party activists and anti-fascist campaigners in Barking, east London, have reacted with fury to comments from their local MP Margaret Hodge that sought to blame the lack of council housing in the borough on immigrants.

George Galloway on Gordon Brown becoming Labour leader unopposed

18 May 2007
Reacting to the news that Gordon Brown will become Labour leader unopposed, Respect MP George Galloway said:

Unions must increase the pressure on Labour

15 May 2007
The question of who leads Labour has opened up a debate in the unions. The leaders of the largest unions are focusing on putting pressure on Gordon Brown to sign up to another Warwick Agreement.

Protests planned as Gordon Brown announces Labour leadership results in Manchester

15 May 2007
The results of the Labour leadership contest will be announced on 24 June at a special conference in Manchester.

Tony Blair: down and out

08 May 2007
Nothing could be crueller in exposing Tony Blair’s failure as Labour prime minister than the timing of his departure. It invites us to compare May 1997, when he was first elected, with May 2007.

Timeline – ten years of Blair government

08 May 2007
1997 MayNew Labour elected with 179 seat majority. Chancellor Gordon Brown gives Bank of England control over interest rates. Tony Blair declares that he is against public sector monopoly. JulyBrown’s first budget promises to stick to Tory spending limits, but he cuts corporation tax to 31 percent Government says it will scrap student grants and introduce tuition fees. AugustFat cats brought into government. New ministers include BP boss Lord Simon.SeptemberSeven people die in Southall rail crash. Government refuses to renationalise rail.

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