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Council’s wrecking plan is a snub to Corbyn

03 October 2017
Also: Callous Grenfell estate bosses finally get the boot

Jeremy Corbyn’s speech put Labour on the offensive - but also showed up its limits

03 October 2017
Jeremy Corbyn was probably right to claim that Labour has become the “political mainstream” under his left wing leadership.

Right’s ability to smear left as antisemitic weakened at Labour conference

02 October 2017
In a high point of his speech to Labour conference last month, Jeremy Corbyn affirmed his solidarity with the Palestinian people.

Defiant mood on the streets of Manchester as marchers pledge to drive the Tories out

01 October 2017
Chants of, “Tories out—Corbyn in” rang out in Manchester today, Sunday. Tens of thousands of protesters joined the People’s Assembly demonstration and festival outside the Tory party conference.

We will need sterling resistance to stop the bosses’ sabotage

29 September 2017
It’s not a paranoid fantasy to argue that parts of the establishment want to derail the left wing Labour leadership’s plans.

Jeremy Corbyn’s speech will inspire millions - but compromise could lose Labour support

27 September 2017
Jeremy Corbyn has said the Labour Party is a “government in waiting”—and that under his leadership it will replace a “failed and broken system”.

Walking the path of least resistance will lead to trouble down the road for Labour

26 September 2017
Shadow chancellor John McDonnell told a fringe meeting that a radical left Labour government would be ready to face attempts to undermine it by bankers and big businesses.

Support for Jeremy Corbyn and the left dominates Labour Party conference

26 September 2017
For the first time since Jeremy Corbyn was elected leader, the left was in complete control of Labour’s conference.

‘We have to make sure Marxism never succeeds’ —inside the Labour right rally in Brighton

24 September 2017
After a huge crowd gathered for Jeremy Corbyn in Brighton on Saturday, the Labour right held their own rally in a hotel basement last night, Sunday.

Left confident ahead of Labour conference

24 September 2017
Labour Party conference gets underway today, Sunday—and the left is feeling confident.

Jeremy Corbyn inspires supporters to fight for a different society

24 September 2017
Vindicated by the general election result, thousands of Jeremy Corbyn's supporters at the Labour Party conference feel confident, enthusiastic and raring to chuck out the Tories.

Hundreds-strong housing demo piles pressure onto Haringey Labour council

23 September 2017
An up to 500-strong housing demonstration increased the pressure on Haringey council today, Saturday. 

Pay strikes could ‘break the government’ says John McDonnell

21 September 2017
Labour's shadow chancellor urged unions to coordinate industrial action to break the Tories' public sector pay cap last night, Wednesday.

Scotland, Labour and independence - what should the left do?

19 September 2017
Several thousand people joined the pro-independence Hope Over Fear rally in Glasgow last Saturday.

Durham councillors make insulting “final offer” to teaching assistants

19 September 2017
Teaching assistants (TAs) in County Durham are furious at their Labour-run council’s latest attempt to settle a dispute over pay.

Birmingham bin strikers call for Jeremy Corbyn's support

19 September 2017
A summer of strikes by bin workers in Birmingham has caused a political crisis for the Labour-run council.

Birmingham bin workers rally ahead of strike ballot

17 September 2017
 Hundreds of strikers and their supporters demanded the Labour council stops cuts and backs workers

Corbyn’s TUC conference speech gives workers confidence to fight Tories

12 September 2017
Jeremy Corbyn injected hope of winning against the Tories into the TUC union federation conference

Can Jeremy Corbyn defeat the ‘powerful interests’?

12 September 2017
We need a wider social movement to truly transform society

Brexit test not over after May wins key vote

12 September 2017
The Tories are divided, Jeremy Corbyn is contradicting himself and the trade union leaders are deeply confused

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