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We can win on Palestine

01 January 2019
It is possible to stand up for the right to criticise Israel—as a victory for a Palestine solidarity activist last month showed.

The winter of discontent showed workers’ power

01 January 2019
Forty years ago a Labour Party government was close to declaring a state of emergency due to militant strikes

A ‘people’s vote’ is a bad alternative for Labour

04 December 2018
Jeremy Corbyn is inching towards backing a second referendum over Brexit

Birmingham care workers keep up fight

20 November 2018
Homecare workers at Birmingham City Council are set for a five-day strike. More solidarity from other workers can help them to win, says Sarah Bates

Labour’s confusion over Europe could save May

20 November 2018
The Labour Party is struggling to unite around a single line from which to attack the Tories

Can Labour tame the state?

19 November 2018
How should a Corbyn government deal with enemies that have deep roots in the establishment, asks Nick Clark

Labour plan to challenge the state falls short

13 November 2018
Shadow chancellor John McDonnell laid out what he said were the Labour leadership’s plans for transforming the state at an event on Monday evening.

Use Brexit rows to get the Tories out

13 November 2018
Government ministers were summoned to an emergency cabinet meeting to discuss a Brexit deal. It was unclear whether it would be approved by the cabinet, and still more uncertain what will happen when it goes to parliament. May's crisis is far from over.

John McDonnell’s appeal to the bosses is a warning about the limits of Labour

02 November 2018
John McDonnell, Labour’s shadow chancellor, made an appeal to banking fat cats this week.

Huge march for a ‘People's Vote’ boosts the big business agenda

21 October 2018
Almost 700,000 marched for a “People’s Vote” in London on Saturday.

Will the rich flee before a Corbyn government?

09 October 2018
While Brexit obsesses politicians and commentators, the super-rich apparently are more worried about Jeremy Corbyn.

Jeremy Corbyn promises ‘radical solutions’ ten years after banking crash

26 September 2018
Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn attacked “greed is good” capitalism and promised radical economic change on Wednesday.

Labour delegates show solidarity with Palestine

26 September 2018
Delegates to Labour Party conference sent a resounding message of solidarity to Palestinians on Tuesday.

Labour conference round up: Universal Credit fudge sparks anger

25 September 2018
Disability campaigners are angry at Labour’s failure to pledge to scrap the hated Universal Credit (UC) benefit.

Labour remains divided over second Brexit referendum

25 September 2018
Delegates at the Labour conference were set to vote on a motion that edges the party closer to supporting a second Brexit referendum on Tuesday.

Labour conference fringe meeting sets out challenges for anti-racists

24 September 2018
Labour Party members debated the rise of racism and fascism—and what sort of movement can challenge it—at a Stand Up To Racism (SUTR) meeting on Monday.

Trade unions vote down democratic changes at Labour Party conference

24 September 2018
A debate over party rules at Labour’s annual conference on Sunday saw ordinary party members hammer MPs—and clash with trade union leaders.

Labour divided over justice for Palestine

23 September 2018
A solidarity meeting said anti-Zionism is not antisemitism, but elsewhere MPs lined up to attack Jeremy Corbyn and call for expulsions of more Labour members.

How can Labour win and can it change society?

23 September 2018
Debates at The World Transformed event around the Labour Party conference posed important questions, but the answers weren't always convincing

Jeremy Corbyn rally draws thousands on eve of Labour Party conference

22 September 2018
Huge crowds turned out in Liverpool on Saturday evening to welcome Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn to the city.

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