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Gordon Brown's real legacy

02 December 2014
The right wing crowed when Gordon Brown announced his plan to quit parliament. And Labour’s left mourned—not least those trying to “reclaim” it from New Labour.

Is there an alternative to the Labour Party?

02 December 2014
Millions of workers hate Ukip and the Tories, but don’t see Labour standing up to them. Socialist Worker has argued that the left should present a united challenge at the election. We asked activists what they think

Racist filth! New Ukip MP reveals plan to 'repatriate' migrants

25 November 2014
Newly-elected ukip MP Mark Reckless let the cat out of the bag last week when he revealed Ukip policy to repatriate migrants.

Ed Miliband has shown he doesn’t get class

25 November 2014
If you want to get a sense of how Ukip’s rise is debasing political debate, you need look no further than the absurd martyrdom of “White Van Man”.

Tories, Labour and SNP agree on austerity - Fight the cuts now!

18 November 2014
Up to 500 people protested outside Glasgow City Council on Wednesday of last week to defend the Glasgow Association of Mental Health (GAMH).

No let up in Scotland's political crisis

18 November 2014
The political establishment is still reeling from the turmoil created by the Yes campaign in Scotland.

Election turmoil lies behind Labour crisis

18 November 2014
Alex Callinicos looks at the reasons for the electoral crisis Labour and the other main parties have found themselves in

It’s the night of the living Ed as Blairite rebels chicken out

11 November 2014
David Cameron is on the brink of losing another by-election. He’s lost two MPs to the hard right Ukip and more than 20 think he should step down—but his leadership is not in question. Yet Labour Party leader Ed Miliband is the one staring down the barrel of a gun.

Can divided Labour ever recover in Scotland?

04 November 2014
The party faces a general election disaster as well as a bitter leadership race, reports Raymie Kiernan

Labour left gets critical at Class conference

04 November 2014
Around 500 people attended the Class think tank’s 2014 conference What Britain Needs last Saturday at the TUC in London.

As desperate politicians scapegoat migrants we say - resist racism

28 October 2014
Tory defence minister Michael Fallon wants to whip up fears with his talk about parts of Britain being “swamped” by eastern European migrants.

Mainstream parties look to racism ahead of Rochester and Strood by-election

28 October 2014
The Tories and Labour’s battle to be the toughest on migrants will only feed Ukip, argues Ken Olende

Resist attempts to try and break care staff

21 October 2014
Strikers at Care UK in Doncaster ended a three-week strike last Sunday. The care workers have now struck for 90 days in eight months.

The left must unite to be an alternative

14 October 2014
The media cliche machine has been in overdrive since the by-elections on Thursday of last week. Tedious though this is, undoubtedly something big has happened.

Mainstream parties made a monster in Ukip that is dragging them to the right

14 October 2014
Racists across Britain will have cheered the news that Ukip has its first elected MP. The result will make a nasty, racist party appear more legitimate. It will make voting Ukip seem like more than simply a protest vote.

After Clacton - Labour and the Tories let Ukip set the agenda

14 October 2014
The blame for last week’s by-election results doesn’t stop with Nigel Farage, says Sadie Robinson

Rail privatisation is the express route for profits

14 October 2014
Rail bosses are rubbing their hands at lucrative new deals as spineless politicians let them tighten their grip

Organise to stop Ukip

07 October 2014
Ukip was set to win its first MP on Thursday of this week, when a by-election will take place in Clacton, Essex.

Unison rejected poor pay proposal - Unite and GMB should too and build the strike

30 September 2014
Some 15 ballots of Unison union members in academy schools all backed strikes—and they will join the local government walkout on 14 October.

Strike back to beat Tory pay cuts

30 September 2014
A series of successful strikes by workers across different unions can boost confidence to take on the Tories—and counter pressure on union leaders to retreat, says Tomáš Tengely-Evans

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