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Doncaster Care UK strikers need national backing for their pay fight

30 September 2014
Doncaster Care UK workers launched a fresh three-week strike on Monday of this week. 

Tories prepare to join war after US bombing spreads to Syria

23 September 2014
Cruise missiles rained down on Syria from fighter jets, Predator and Reaper drones and from the sea on Tuesday of this week.

‘Privatisation has shifted tax burden onto poorest’ says writer James Meek

23 September 2014
The Campaign for Real Poverty is what privatisation should be called, argues author James Meek.

Miliband makes promises and commits to cuts in Labour conference speech

23 September 2014
The Labour leader’s speech mixed pro-business pledges with vague rhetoric, writes Simon Basketter

Ruling class panics after Yes campaign takes lead in Scottish independence poll

09 September 2014
The No campaign is in trouble with the Scottish independence vote too close to call, writes Raymie Kiernan

Former Labour councillors in Hull say 'Socialists need to take a stand against cuts'

09 September 2014
Labour is not providing an alternative to the misery and anger that the Tories’ cuts are creating, say two former Labour Party councillors.

Clacton by-election - the Tories, Ukip and the last resort

09 September 2014
Tory MP Douglas Carswell defected to Ukip and is standing for re-election in the seaside constituency of Clacton. Dave Sewell visited the town and spoke to people hit by the crisis

Union leaders promise action at the TUC conference - now let’s hold them to it

09 September 2014
Trade unionists from across Britain gathered in Liverpool this week for the conference of the Trades Union Congress (TUC).

Let's get David Cameron out - Vote yes in Scotland, join pay strikes and protests

09 September 2014
It wasn’t supposed to be like this for Britain's political elite. Less than year ago the unionist Better Together campaign in Scotland felt assured of victory. Now it is hanging by a thread

Independence referendum - No campaign gets nasty as Scots prepare to vote

02 September 2014
Two hundred people protested in Glasgow outside a closed meeting of the CBI bosses’ organisation last week. David Cameron had chosen to address them rather than talk to Scottish voters.

Can France show us how to prepare for the challenges of a Miliband government?

02 September 2014
Dave Sewell looks at what socialists in Britain can learn from the unravelling of Francois Hollande’s Labour-style government

A warning from France not to wait for Miliband

26 August 2014
The political turmoil in France sends us a chilling warning about what we could face in Britain under a Labour government led by Ed Miliband.

Doncaster strikers say union should spread Care UK fightback

26 August 2014
Doncaster Care UK workers began a three-week strike on Monday of this week. 

Politicians unite in bigotry against migrants

05 August 2014
David Cameron and Tory home secretary Theresa May posed for TV cameras last week in a house that the UK Border Agency had just raided.

Tony Blair is the career criminal who just refuses to fade away

15 July 2014
A decade after launching the war that killed a million Iraqis, Tony Blair is still busy helping out dictators and making himself richer, writes Adam Cochrane

Exit Stage Right - Why isn't Labour offering an alternative to Tory austerity?

08 July 2014
Workers are furious with the Tories, but Ed Miliband’s Labour Party seems determined not to offer anything better. Tomáš Tengely Evans looks at why Labour isn’t working—and how we can build a real alternative

Look to our own strength, not the Labour Party

01 July 2014
The rows in the Labour Party keep coming. The latest criticism came from Labour’s policy chief Jon Cruddas this week.

10 July strike is chance to take on the Tories

24 June 2014
The Tories like nothing more than an opportunity to drive down living standards for working class people. Some 800,000 public sector jobs have been slashed since they took office.

Thousands march against austerity in loud, lively and determined protest

21 June 2014
Up to 20,000 people marched against austerity in central London today, Saturday, in a loud and lively protest called by the People's Assembly.

Fury as Miliband bans jobless young people from benefits

19 June 2014
Labour activists are reacting with fury at Ed Miliband’s plans to ban jobless young people from claiming benefits.

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