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The hollow shell of Labour

14 April 2009
One of the first scandals to hit the New Labour government came in 1998. Members of Tony Blair’s inner circle were caught on tape boasting about how they could sell access to government ministers and create tax breaks for their clients.

New Labour’s expensive scam

24 March 2009
Millions of people across Britain struggle through decaying public transport systems every morning to get to work.

Labour’s popularity goes totally zombie

24 February 2009
The much vaunted "Brown bounce", which was supposed to see a revival of the prime minister’s fortunes, has flattened out leaving him looking like the living dead.

Lord Moonie: new troubles for New Labour

17 February 2009
A small flat in south London seems to be a place close to the heart of senior Labour politicians.

New Labour peers paid fees by business lobbyists

27 January 2009
There are many odd things about the House of Lords. One minor anomaly is that lords don’t get paid a salary.

Challenges facing Gordon Brown’s bounce

11 November 2008
The surest thing to emerge from Labour’s surprise victory last week in the Glenrothes by-election is that Alex Salmond doesn’t walk on water any more. The leader of the Scottish National Party (SNP) and first minister of Scotland has dominated politics north of the border for the past few years.

Can Gordon Brown bounce?

28 October 2008
There is talk of a renewed "Brown bounce" ahead of next week’s Glenrothes by-election as polls show increasing support for Gordon Brown’s handling of the economic crisis.

Labour is still cosying up to the ultra-rich

28 October 2008
Gordon Brown’s latest answer to the recession is to spend his way out of it. Having defended the dogma of the free market for the past ten years, he has now shifted to talk of state intervention and Keynesian economics.

New Labour’s murky ‘coalition’

21 October 2008
Some commentators have taken recent noises emanating from Downing Street as an indication of a "leftwards shift" by the government.

Desperate Gordon Brown brings back New Labour hatchet man

07 October 2008
Gordon Brown’s spin doctors rushed to proclaim that Peter Mandelson’s shock return to the cabinet last week underscored the prime minister’s "pro-business" stance at a time of growing economic turmoil.

New Labour’s affair with the super rich

30 September 2008
The sheer scale of the global financial crisis has forced Gordon Brown and the government into making a few critical noises about "excesses" in the City and corporate greed.

Will the crisis lead to the rebirth of the Labour left?

23 September 2008
Some in the Labour Party believe that the economic crisis will herald a revival of the party’s left wing.

Labour conference: Policies and personalities are linked

23 September 2008
The phrase "We should be talking about policies not personalities," has become the mantra of Labour left wingers when questioned on Gordon Brown’s leadership.

New Labour whitewash at the party fringe

23 September 2008
You wouldn’t have known that both the Labour Party and the economy faced serious problems from some of the fringe meetings at the conference.

Gordon Brown reassures the rich that he’s still on their side

23 September 2008
Despite the economic turmoil unleashed by the banks last week, Gordon Brown has signaled that New Labour’s love affair with finance and big business will continue.

Labour sinks into mess of its own making

16 September 2008
Labour goes into its annual conference this week mired in a civil war over whether Gordon Brown will remain as leader.

MPs demand leadership ballot as crisis grows

16 September 2008
Panic is spreading in New Labour as it becomes clear that the party faces not just the prospect of defeat at the next general election but an electoral wipe out.

Ideology behind Gordon Brown’s ‘death wish’

09 September 2008
Has there ever been a government with as great a death wish as this one?

Labour in turmoil as recession looms

02 September 2008
New Labour has finally admitted what millions have known for months – that the country is sailing towards recession and government ministers have no solution to the crisis.

Scottish Labour leadership contenders stick to Brown’s script

19 August 2008
The spin from inside New Labour is that the party leadership accepts that it will lose the forthcoming Westminster by-election in Glenrothes to the Scottish National Party (SNP). It would be a shocking indictment of New Labour to lose yet another rock solid Labour seat.

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