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After Labour's bedroom tax pledge, now act to stop evictions

24 September 2013
Labour leader Ed Miliband has pledged that Labour will scrap the bedroom tax if it wins the 2015 general election. This is a victory for the determined resistance of tenants and the trade unionists who have supported them.

Labour - still shying away from fighting the bosses

17 September 2013
Labour’s leaders are worried. Their cunning plan was to sit back and do nothing while the Tories attacked, hoping that the Tories’ resulting unpopularity would get them back into office. 

TUC leaders dream of Labour concession

10 September 2013
How can we stop the Tories’ assault? That was the question asked but not answered at this year’s TUC Congress in Bournemouth.

Toff of the week: Lord Levy

10 September 2013
Former chief fundraiser for Tony Blair

Labour's deafening silence on resisting Tories and racism

13 August 2013
In a bid to make a splash above the drone of silly season stories, various bits of Labour decided to throw a few shapes. It was a bit of a mess. 

McCluskey’s strategy won’t reclaim Labour

30 July 2013
The rift and regroupment between union leaders and the Labour Party leadership will rumble on over the summer.

Miliband determined to bite the hand that feeds Labour

23 July 2013
Ed Miliband is pushing ahead with his plan to weaken the union link to Labour. 

How donations to Labour can be 'tax efficient'

16 July 2013
John Mills handed over £1.65 million worth of shares in his JML company to the party earlier this year.

A history of attacks on unions' political funds

16 July 2013
Unions are not legally allowed to support a political party in any way out of the general fund raised from members’ subscriptions. 

What do unions get for giving money to Labour?

16 July 2013
Simon Basketter looks at why Ed Miliband is trying to cut union members’ automatic subs to Labour—and why union leaders continue to fund the party

Jerry Hicks, 'Unions must demand payment by results'

09 July 2013
The unions formed the Labour Party and they should own it, says Jerry Hicks

Trade unions still provide the finance for Labour

09 July 2013
We should defend the right of unions to fund political parties. But if Labour wants to get workers’ money it should do something to deserve it, writes Simon Basketter

Ed Miliband moves to weaken unions’ influence on Labour

09 July 2013
A bruising week of confrontations, accusations, attacks and withdrawals has exposed the Labour Party’s love-hate relationship with the big trade unions, writes Simon Basketter

Labour 'me-tooing' helps Tory offensive

02 July 2013
Alex Callinicos says Labour's failure to commit to stopping Tory cuts will only benefit the right

Labour plans to continue Tory austerity attacks

25 June 2013
Labour Party leader Ed Miliband has shamefully declared that he won’t reverse any of the cuts George Osborne was due to announce this week.

No lesson from Labour on education

18 June 2013
There will be no return to a properly funded, comprehensive education system under a Labour government. 

People's Assembly is a chance to fight back

18 June 2013
The government is bringing constant pain to working class people. The number of people in absolute poverty in Britain rose by nearly a million in just one year. Some 300,000 of these were children.

Groundhog day as Labour backs cuts

11 June 2013
One might say that the historical role of Labour leaders is to disappoint their supporters. The fundamental contradiction of Labourism lies between its promise to make the world a better place and its commitment in government to managing capitalism efficiently. 

We must fight now - not wait for Labour

04 June 2013
 The Labour leadership is getting its U-turns in early. 

Labour holds back as Tories bicker

21 May 2013
Labour has increased its lead over the Tories to 11 percent in the past week, according to a YouGov poll.

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