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Ed Miliband moves to weaken unions’ influence on Labour

09 July 2013
A bruising week of confrontations, accusations, attacks and withdrawals has exposed the Labour Party’s love-hate relationship with the big trade unions, writes Simon Basketter

Labour 'me-tooing' helps Tory offensive

02 July 2013
Alex Callinicos says Labour's failure to commit to stopping Tory cuts will only benefit the right

Labour plans to continue Tory austerity attacks

25 June 2013
Labour Party leader Ed Miliband has shamefully declared that he won’t reverse any of the cuts George Osborne was due to announce this week.

No lesson from Labour on education

18 June 2013
There will be no return to a properly funded, comprehensive education system under a Labour government. 

People's Assembly is a chance to fight back

18 June 2013
The government is bringing constant pain to working class people. The number of people in absolute poverty in Britain rose by nearly a million in just one year. Some 300,000 of these were children.

Groundhog day as Labour backs cuts

11 June 2013
One might say that the historical role of Labour leaders is to disappoint their supporters. The fundamental contradiction of Labourism lies between its promise to make the world a better place and its commitment in government to managing capitalism efficiently. 

We must fight now - not wait for Labour

04 June 2013
 The Labour leadership is getting its U-turns in early. 

Labour holds back as Tories bicker

21 May 2013
Labour has increased its lead over the Tories to 11 percent in the past week, according to a YouGov poll.

Bigots get to vote on equal marriage

21 May 2013
Some 150 MPs, mainly Tories, defied David Cameron in a key vote on equal marriage on Monday of this week.

Where next for the left?

07 May 2013
After the rise of Ukip and the government’s continuing war on the poor, Alex Callinicos looks at how the left should organise in response

Are British attitudes moving to the right?

07 May 2013
The Tories are panicking a bit after Ukip took a bite out of their support in local elections on 2 May.

Don't let Ukip set the tune for political debate

07 May 2013
 The Tories are promising a new onslaught against working class people. And politicians are using Ukip’s recent electoral success as an excuse to scapegoat immigrants.

Labour gains seats in elections but future looks less rosy

07 May 2013
Some 80 percent of the areas that saw local council elections on Thursday of last week have a Tory MP.

Defend McCluskey, but fight for action

30 April 2013
The row last week between Labour leader Ed Miliband and Unite general secretary Len McCluskey raises issues far beyond the internal politics of the Labour Party. It matters to everyone who wants to beat the Tories.

BBC survey exposes government scaremongering over Bulgarians and Romanians

23 April 2013
A new survey has exposed the lies that recent scaremongering about immigration has been built on. 

Thatcher shows up problems for Labour

16 April 2013
When asked about her greatest achievement, Margaret Thatcher famously replied, “Tony Blair and New Labour”. So it’s quite appropriate that, as one monster is laid to rest, the other should suddenly surface.

The Labour Party—trying to copy Thatcher rather than destroy her

09 April 2013
Tony Blair gushed over Thatcher in the wake of her death. “I always thought my job was to build on some of the things she had done rather than reverse them,” he said.

Tories in crisis allow chance of left revival

05 April 2013
Totally marginalised under Tony Blair and Gordon Brown, the Labour left has been one of the driving forces behind the swelling protest movement against the bedroom tax, writes Alex Callinicos

Labour defends the Tories from benefits backlash

28 March 2013
Last week could have been a disaster for the government’s workfare programme. It sends unemployed people to toil for free – and takes away their benefits if they refuse.

Councils make evictions pledges as tenants' movement deepens

28 March 2013
Islington council in north London last week became the first Labour-run local authority to take a stand against evictions.

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