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Nick Danziger's photos catch Tony Blair in the act

03 March 2007
Tony Blair’s now somewhat haggard features are familiar – too familiar. His made-up face stares at us every day from images in the papers or on television. In this context, the photographer Nick Danziger has done something remarkable – he makes us look at Blair in a new way.

Leaving Labour to join a fighting alternative

17 February 2007
Wayne Muldoon Respect’s campaign for the May local elections in England received a big boost last week when Wayne Muldoon, a Labour councillor in Loughborough, announced he was joining the party.

New Labour, sleaze, police interviews and BAE

16 December 2006
The stench of corruption around the Labour party is becoming overwhelming.

Letting Bush and Blair off the hook

11 November 2006
What a cowardly bunch of timeserving lickspittles Labour backbenchers are. Last week they were offered the opportunity to vote for an official inquiry into the Iraq war.

Labour in cartoons 1: 1912 - cuddling up to the Liberals

21 October 2006
The 1910 general election saw 42 Labour MPs elected. Labour had made an agreement with the ruling Liberals that gave it a clear run in a number of seats. In return, Labour agreed to support the Liberal government that was returned with no overall majority.

Did Cowards Flinch? - Labour's history through newspaper cartoons

21 October 2006
A new book and exhibition tell the story of the Labour Party through newspaper cartoons. We look at individual cartoons and the period they represent

David Blunkett's dog’s dinner of a diary

21 October 2006
Reading extracts from David Blunkett’s diary took me back to a time when the Labour Party looked very different to the one we see today.

Labour in cartoons 5: 1969 - A nail in the coffin

21 October 2006
Harold Wilson’s Labour government was elected in 1964 and re-elected in 1966. Wilson had presented himself as a "moderniser", but over the next four years his government turned away from socialist policies, held down wages and presided over rising unemployment.

Labour in cartoons 4: 1957 - Aneurin Bevan goes nuclear

21 October 2006
Left wing Labour MP Aneurin Bevan led the biggest rebellion in the history of the Labour Party in the early 1950s. Many Labour Party members were angry about the growing consensus between the Tory government and the leadership headed by Hugh Gaitskell.

Labour in cartoons 3: 1943 - Days of hope

21 October 2006
By 1943 workers were already stepping up pressure for radical social change - and for the implementation of previous promises - even though the war against Nazi Germany was still raging.

Labour in cartoons 2: 1924 - The Trojan horse

21 October 2006
The end of the First World War coincided with a huge wave of workers’ uprisings across Europe, fuelled by the Bolsheviks coming to power in the 1917 Russian Revolution.

Lebanon was last straw - Tony Woodley

07 October 2006
Tony Woodley, the general secretary of the T&G union, summed up delegates’ frustration with New Labour, but also the limitations of that opposition.

John McDonnell’s challenge from the left

07 October 2006
John McDonnell spoke strongly at conference fringe meetings promoting policies against war and privatisation, and for workers’ rights.  He was not called to speak from the conference floor.

Labour conference: Anger and dissent on the floor

07 October 2006
For a brief moment there was a whiff of the 1980s about the conference last week. There was a real sense of left against right as a motion against NHS privatisation passed with a big majority against furious opposition from the party’s leaders. 

Inside the Labour bubble

07 October 2006
The Labour conference underlined just how right wing the party’s leaders have become.They are for war, neo-liberalism and for preventing real debate.

Labour Party conference: bursts of anger, but much silence

30 September 2006
The Blairites and Brownites fiercely debated their ambitions by leaking copiously in the media. Meanwhile on the floor of conference you’d hardly have guessed for much of the time that anyone had any doubts about the direction of New Labour and its key policies.

An unrepentant Blair says the party’s not for turning

30 September 2006
In his final conference speech as Labour Party leader, Tony Blair passed a poisoned chalice to Gordon Brown - pledging that Britain will remain "America’s strongest ally".

Why I’ve had enough of New Labour

30 September 2006
Valerie Wise, the former leader of Preston City Council, told a packed Stop the War meeting last week in the city why she had left the Labour Party. She spoke to Socialist Worker about her decision.


30 September 2006
Two sides of New Labour How sickening it was to see the Blairite clones signing a letter asking for the prime minister to stand down.

John McDonnell: support for left wing leadership challenge

23 September 2006
John McDonnell MP has launched a left wing challenge for the Labour leadership.

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