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Labour leader Ed Miliband shifts further to right

10 January 2012
Welfare benefits give people a "false sense of security", Labour leader Ed Miliband announced last week.

Out of the Ashes : David Lammy's riot analysis sides with the system

13 December 2011
Time, it would seem, changes everything. Looking back to the Tottenham riots of 1985, David Lammy’s memories of its causes are as articulate as they are angry.

Why won’t the Labour Party back strikes?

28 November 2011
As millions strike against vicious Tory attacks, many will be expecting the Labour Party—which is supposed to be the official opposition—to support their fightback.

After Ed Miliband's speech... where is the Labour Party going?

29 September 2011
The media is trying to portray Ed Miliband’s speech on Tuesday as a "lurch to the left".

Ed Miliband looks in the wrong direction

20 September 2011
Labour leader Ed Miliband’s Refounding Labour project has done little but try to further erode the influence of the unions in the party.

Ed Miliband puts hopes in a lost clause

06 September 2011
Labour leader Ed Miliband has hit on what he thinks is the answer to the party’s problems—rewriting its constitution.

Blue Labour: dead but not yet buried

26 July 2011
When Labour MP Jon Cruddas was asked why he backed Blue Labour—yet another attempt to move the party to the right—he said he wanted to "throw some hand grenades" into the debate.

Labour needs more democracy, not less

12 July 2011
Ed Miliband’s denunciation of the 30 June strikes has been rightly condemned by the left.

Miliband: Hang your Ed in shame

05 July 2011
Labour leader Ed Miliband provoked anger by repeatedly arguing that the strikes were "wrong at a time when negotiations are still going on".

Ed’s off the fence, and it’s not good

28 June 2011
It was probably an advantage for Ed Miliband that people were a bit vague about exactly where he stood when he stood in last year’s Labour leadership election.

Compass conference: moving in the wrong direction

28 June 2011
The Compass conference attracted over 1,000 centre-left activists to London last Saturday. It was billed as building the "Good Society".

No, Mr Miliband, the poor are not to blame

14 June 2011
As the Tories push through the biggest attacks on the welfare state in history, the silence from Labour leader Ed Miliband has been deafening.

Ex-ministers get the top jobs

31 May 2011
Many former Labour ministers are now working for the corporate sector.

From army to arms firm

31 May 2011
Geoff Hoon was Labour’s defence secretary in 2005. Defence giants Westland got a £1.7 billion contract from the Ministry of Defence in March of that year.

Courting Lib Dems won’t stop cuts

10 May 2011
According to Labour leader Ed Miliband, "This Conservative-led government has been sent a very clear message by the British people about the policies they’re pursuing for which they don’t have a mandate."

Labour fails key test on trade union rights

26 October 2010
Left wing Labour MP John McDonnell’s attempt to make minor improvements to trade union law failed last week.

Pressures on Ed Miliband will grow

05 October 2010
"No more cliques, no more factions, no more soap opera," announced David Miliband in what proved to be his swansong at the Labour Party conference.

Tower Hamlets election: Labour executive shuns democracy

05 October 2010
"Lutfur was dropped from the original candidate shortlist. He challenged that decision at the High Court and was reinstated.

Labour right mourns after Ed Miliband's victory

28 September 2010
The Labour Party’s arch-Blairites rallied at Manchester’s Comedy Store last Sunday—but there were more tears than laughter after David Miliband’s defeat in the Labour leadership election.

Blairism rejected in Labour leadership vote

28 September 2010
The right wing press and the hard Blairites have reacted with fury to the victory of Ed Miliband as Labour leader.

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