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What does Ed Miliband's election mean for the left?

25 September 2010
The man chosen by key trade union leaders and many union members is now the leader of the Labour Party. And the one chosen by Peter Mandelson and Tony Blair isn’t.

A Journey: Tony Blair’s dead end

07 September 2010
The late comedian Bob Monkhouse said, "If you can fake the sincerity the rest is easy". As a mantra, it is as true of Tony Blair’s interminable memoir as is it of his political career.

Where are the workers in Labour’s leadership?

31 August 2010
Members of the Labour Party are about to elect their new leader.

Diane Abbott is the best of Labour’s uninspiring bunch

31 August 2010
Bob Holman has a point about the Labour Party.

John McDonnell: 'Labour is disconnected'

15 June 2010
‘What this has demonstrated is the disconnection of the parliamentary Labour Party—not just with the Labour and trade union movement—but with the wider working class community.

The left and the Labour Party leadership

15 June 2010
It is a disgrace that left wing MP John McDonnell was kept off the ballot paper for the election of Labour Party leader.

Labour leadership contest: left voices MPs want to keep silent

08 June 2010
The clear winner of the first Labour leadership candidates’ debate, held at the GMB congress in Southport last Monday, was also the one who seemed least likely to get on the ballot paper.

Does it matter who leads Labour?

01 June 2010
Socialist Worker has consistently argued that the best way forward for socialists lies in organising outside the Labour Party.

John McDonnell and Diane Abbott on where next for the Labour Party?

25 May 2010
John McDonnell In the election I managed to increase my majority to 11,000 thanks to all of the hard work put in by campaigners like yourselves.

Brown was an architect and inheritor of Blairism

18 May 2010
Gordon Brown reaped what New Labour sowed.

Is the party over for New Labour?

18 May 2010
The Labour Party is in flux. Following its defeat in last week’s general election, arguments are raging within the party about why it lost—and what it needs to do to win again.

After the election - can the Labour left get change?

18 May 2010
Some on the left of the Labour Party hope that they can mobilise working class anti-Tory sentiment to transform the party.

Labour must feel heat from the unions

11 May 2010
Gordon Brown’s notice of resignation was a last-ditch attempt to enable the Liberal Democrats to form a coalition with Labour and keep his party in government. It presents many questions to trade union leaders.

Face of Labour in Southwark refuses to be seen with Gordon Brown

03 May 2010
Gordon Brown took Labour’s campaign to the streets of south London on Sunday – but prominent local Labour supporters refused to be seen with him.

The party leaders' TV debate: a lot of spin but not much argument

16 April 2010
The media went into overdrive over the party leaders’ first televised debate. There were many inanities, including Liberal MP Chris Huhne being asked if the debate was shallow, responding with "Yes it’s shallow but less shallow than what went before." And ex-Labour MP Oona King offering, "The problem with television is that it's very televisual".

Holes in Labour’s safe seat parachutes

06 April 2010
Labour has hit trouble as it parachutes last-minute candidates into "safe seats".

Keir Hardie: Labour’s Greatest Hero? - Workers’ liberation means breaking with reformism

23 March 2010
KeIr Hardie was one of the key architects of the Labour Party, as Bob Holman’s book makes clear.

Old Labour's Hero - Keir Hardie

23 March 2010
What did Keir Hardie represent within the early Labour Party?

Lack of politics at the cynical heart of Labour

09 March 2010
The End of the PartyAndrew Rawnsley, Viking £25

Michael Foot and the left

03 March 2010
A new biography of Michael Foot, the former Labour leader, lays open the contradictions at the heart of the Labour Party. During his long career Foot was a founding member of the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND), a journalist and pamphleteer, and a cabinet minister.

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